"Ta wypowiedź została wyjęta z kontekstu" - tak rzecznik Kremla skomentował nagranie z udziałem swojego syna. Słychać na nim, jak Nikolaj Peskow - tuż po ogłoszeniu częściowej mobilizacji w Rosji - odmawia stawienia się w wojskowej komendzie uzupełnień.

“This statement was taken out of context,” – this is how a Kremlin spokesman commented with his son on the video. You can hear how Nikolai Peskov – shortly after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia – refuses to appear in the military leadership of the renewal.

Nikolai Peskov He thought he was on the phone with a member of the Military Regeneration Station. In fact, it was impersonated by one of the aides of the Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny. When he called his son Kremlin spokesmanTo come to headquarters the next day, he heard a reply: If you know that my name is Peskov, then you must realize how insufficient my presence there is.. He added, “He will address the matter on a different level.”

The recording was leaked online and was met with outrage. It has been condemned that the government uses different standards for its associated persons and for the ordinary citizens who must reckon that they will be sent to the front.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the case. He stated that the course of the entire conversation was not disclosed and that his son’s statements were “out of context”.

president Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia yesterday. pull on war with ukraine It is intended to include reservists and people who have undergone military training. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that The packing will cover 300,000 people.

My name is Bisco. Kremlin spokesman’s son says mobilization does not concern him

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