Pensions in Poland: an additional 3,000 for each of the elderly?  We know the pension amounts in March 2023. Here are the latest pension calculations!

It is almost certain that the pension for 2023 will increase from March. The indicator will be 13.8 percent. In addition to paying “thirteen” and “fourteen” pending pensioners. How much will my pension be next year? See sample accounts!

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This certainty comes from the criteria laid out in the 2023 Budget Law, a draft of which has already been approved by the government. Assumes ia bind pensions from March 1, 2023 at 13.8 per cent and guarantee funds to increase benefits and a 13th old age pension. There will also be money for the 14th pension, but first a law must be passed guaranteeing such an additional benefit – either only in 2023, or, as Jaroslav Kaczynski announced – permanently, every year, as is the case with the statutory regulations of the 13th pension.

Currently, the lowest gross pension is PLN 1,338.44 (net is minus 9% of the health insurance premium). If nothing changes – and the change can only be in a higher indexation rate due to ever-increasing inflation – and the indexation index is 113.8, then the lowest pension will be PLN 1523.14.

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