Pensions for September 2022 - we have an arithmetic table.  Retirees will get these transfers after vacation [16.08.2022]

On August 25, ZUS will begin paying the 14th pension, but most will receive it in September. We have prepared increasing pension accounts through these benefits. We also took into account the tax changes introduced in July.

The 14th pension, an additional annual cash benefit in 2022, will go to 9 million retirees and other people receiving long-term benefits, including 8.1 million from ZUS.

The full fourteen will be 1,338.44 PLN. The provision will be exempt from income tax and only health insurance fees will be charged. Therefore, you will amount to 1217.98 PLN per hand.

The full entitlement will be granted to approximately 7.7 million people whose primary benefits do not exceed a total of PLN 2,900. In the case of persons receiving benefits between PLN 2,900 and PLN 4188.44, the fourteen will be reduced according to the principle “Polish zloty to Polish zloty”. However, the minimum amount for fourteen is 50 PLN.

Pensions in September 2022 – chart of accounts. Such conversions…

We prepared pension calculations last September and August, taking into account tax changes and “Fourteen” additional. Find out how much will be transferred to pensioners’ accounts – see details in the gallery below.

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