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In addition to the continuation of last year’s Batman, a spin-off series dedicated to the Penguin is also planned. Work is already underway on the production set and new photos have leaked online presenting the title character in a new costume. This character is once again played by Colin Farrell, who is hardly recognizable due to the strong characterization.

Penguin – New images for the series from the Batman universe

In the new photos from the collection, we can see the penguin in a purple jacket. The character looks like a gangster back in the Al Capone days. The set also includes a luxury car in the same color scheme. The stills also feature Christine Milioti as Sofia Falcone for the first time. You will find more pictures in this place.

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The series takes place a week after the events of Batman. With Carmine Falcone dead, Gotham needs a new king of the criminal underworld. Penguin seizes the opportunity to take over the city. What he doesn’t realize is that Sofia Falcone wants to carry on her father’s legacy.

The Penguin was created by Lauren LeFranc, who previously worked with Agents of SHIELD and Hemlock Grove. The series is produced by Matt Reeves, director of Batman. The cast includes Colin Farrell, Kristin Milioti, Clancy Brown, Renzy Velez, Michael Kelly, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Deirdre O’Connell.

The Penguin will appear on HBO Max. Its release date is not yet known.

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