Pedronka will not open stores on the last Sunday of the month

– At Pedronka, we understand how important Halloween is on November 1 for Poles. This is the day we spend with our loved ones, visit the resting places of our relatives and spend some time thinking – the network indicated in a letter to the staff. The document asserts that “exceptionally” on October 31, all Pedronka stores across the country will be closed.

– We hope that thanks to this, all our employees will be able to safely reach their homes and spend this important time with their loved ones – Pedronka wrote.

Let us remind you that more than 1,000 discount stores are already operating on non-commercial Sundays. Therefore, practically every Biedronka outlet is open almost every day. Stores have Post Office status, which legally entitles them to operate on Sundays even though the Trade Restriction Act applies on Sundays.

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However, this situation will continue only until February 1, 2022, because Parliament has already sealed the law, the amendment was signed this week by President Andrzej Duda and the law was published in the Laws Journal.

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