Pedronca's Portuguese brother introduces a new mobile application.  Pedronka Network will do the same soon

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The Pingo Doce convenience store chain has presented its customers with a new mobile application. There will be nothing exciting about it, because retailers around the world are updating their software, but Pingo Doce, like Biedronka, belongs to the Jeronimo Martins group. In turn, Biedronka announced an update to its very old mobile app currently in the fall.

The new Pingo Doce mobile application is linked to the customer card. It allows you to browse the posts, create a shopping list based on the products available in stores and suggest specific items to customers based on their past preferences.

In the Pingo Doce app, customers can search for products by voice or by scanning their barcode. The application also provides the ability to order meals with the ability to collect them in the store.

These jobs are not new to the market. In Poland, it is known, for example, to users of the Carrefour, Lidl or Auchan network applications, which contain one of the most popular “applications” among domestic retailers.

Coming back to your Biedronka shopping app, this software is quite outdated, both visually and in terms of the functionality offered. This App was last updated in July 2016.

Biedronka customers accuse the Your Biedronka app of failure, the inability to connect the Moja Biedronka loyalty card to it, the problem of recovering a forgotten password and not a very intuitive process.

Let us remind you that Pedronka is already in March of this year. Confirmed the date of the new mobile application debut. “This project is already being implemented at a good pace,” said Luis Araujo, General Manager of the Pedronca Network, in response to a question from the Wiadomoś portal. – Our goal is to launch the application in the fall of 2021 and we are convinced that we will succeed – he said.

He explained that the network owned by Jeronimo Martins intends to “digitize” the My Biedronka card. Which most likely means that the card will be integrated with the emerging application. At the same time, the company is working on new digital tools that will make it easier for people working in stores and elsewhere in the corporate structure to do work.

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