June 6, 2023


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Pedro Suárez-Vértiz: For this reason he considers "no longer" Natalie Vertis the most beautiful woman on TV Instagram

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz: For this reason he considers “no longer” Natalie Vertis the most beautiful woman on TV Instagram

This Friday he surprised thousands of social media followers by revealing what he had done The most beautiful woman on Peruvian television, but “no more.”

The singer explained this through a post he shared on Facebook and Instagram, Why doesn’t he consider this model anymore He also revealed that he stopped seeing her “everybody” every Saturday.

“This girl, Natalie Verdis, looks so beautiful to me on Peruvian TV”, He mentioned in the post that he initially came up with the photo of the former reality girl. “I did not look at her with desire, from a distance. But they drove well with ‘Soka’. I saw her every Saturday, but not anymore. I stopped looking at her. It didn’t look pretty to me anymore. I was cut off.”Added.

The translator explained: “Because? I could not say to any friend’s partner: ‘How beautiful is your girl / wife / girl’ as they tell me, Many tell their friends. This is considered a sign of respect.

“I can’t see a man’s woman I know or admire. I have never seen Christian (the mayor), Patricio (his brother) or anyone else, except through the eyes of a brother. So they broke the commitment decades ago. “, He noted.

“Then one day I watch the morning show, This Verdis girl appeared with her husband. I know nothing about the woman’s life. I don’t even know her name. But no more and no less than her husband Yako Eskenazi. An actor I love incredibly for his simplicity and the look of a classic and good-natured man. “, He noted.

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Suarez-Verdis mentioned it It was “Reason enough to feel embarrassed to see your wife on TV. I know there is nothing wrong with doing that, and I have been blessed for the rest of my life for my wife’s beauty. They even put it on my face. “But unfortunately that’s how I am, and so are my codes.”, Finished.

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