“Pawe³ Fajdek is very right.”  The legend puts the stick in the anthill after the Athletics Champions Concert

Saturday time Sports Champions Ceremony The result of the 87th referendum was announced for “Przegląd Sportowy” for the best Polish athlete. He won the referendum in 2021 Robert Lewandowski, by Anita W³odarczyk and Bartosh Zmarzlik.

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Poll for the best athlete. Merit estimate or beauty contest?

He reacted very emotionally to such decisions Pawe³ Fajdek. The four-time world champion in hammer throw was among the 20 nominees. The class appreciated his success with Like Olympic bronze medal. But FDIC was not among the top ten.

“Shame.. I don’t accept Islam” – wrote on Twitter shortly after the results were announced. A storm began. Some believe Fdick had a grudge against him for not being appreciated, others believe Lewandowski’s victory was unfair.

Finally, Fidik decided to present his position in a special statement which he sent to several editorial offices, including Sport.pl. “I am ashamed of what is happening in this poll,” he wrote, arguing that Robert Lewandowski should be found not only after Anita Wodarchik, but should not be in the top ten at all!

“Sick”. Yes, it is for Pawe Fajdek. Strong reaction after the Athletic Champions Concert

Fidik criticized for his speech. This upset not only Lewandowski’s fans, but Zmarzlik, for example. This is because he wrote about Żuławiec as follows (original spelling):

“At this year’s edition, the most mysterious thing is third place for Bartek, who should have trouble qualifying for the 20th place with the title of Vice World Champion! [20 sportowców nominuje kapitu³a plebiscytu i to z grona nominowanych najlepsz± 10 wybieraj± kibice]. Since he had to admit the superiority of another competitor the year before, I think he should understand that, let’s take a look at where Partek and Butrek Zia are, after all, vaulting is our national sport and I bet that on a global scale it is the most practiced country of ¿”.

Let’s add that for Piotr ¯yły, the world champion from Oberstdorf individually and the bronze medalist in the team, there was no place in the top ten in the public poll.

Legendary trainer responds to FDIC's criticism. Legendary trainer responds to FDIC’s criticism. “With all respect”

“Sieby siê op³aca³o”

Of course I read what Paul wrote. He tells us he’s certainly right, but not necessarily about Robert Marcin Lewandowski.

The multiple medalist at the world and European championships in the 800 and 1500 meters presents his position as follows: – I’m not saying that “Lui” should not win, let alone that he should not be in the “ten”. But I will find it difficult to choose the winner. Seriously – I don’t know if I’m going to refer to Robert or Anita Woodarchic or Vojtek NovickiWho won Olympic gold with every throw in the final competition. Anita won Olympic gold for the third time in her life, it’s a fact. But we only count 2021, not previous years. Robert did not have such a prospect, but it is known that in the great world of football he did everything in his power, broke all records, won many titles. Vojtek was second to none in the Olympic final. I don’t know who to choose from the three

– On the other hand, Fadek was right when he claimed that there are often high-ranking people who should not be among the candidates at all – adds Lewandowski.

Fdic’s fellow athletics teammate doesn’t want to say if he, too, is considering zimrzlik. – I don’t want to throw names, because it’s not about harassing someone. Unfortunately, the people organizing the referendum accept some nominations probably because they have to. It will pay off in terms of media and marketing, he says.

Kamel Kosovsky during the Amber Cup soccer tournamentThe ex-Polish actor responds to Fdick as he enters after the Athletic Champions Gala

It strengthens Paul’s message.

Regarding camaraderie, Lewandowski raises an important issue. FDIC thinks the referendum should win Anita and DarshikWho doesn’t love him in secret. Anyway, with reciprocity.

– It strengthens Paul’s message. He didn’t write everything out of his nerves that his friend didn’t win. They are actually not very friendly with Anita. Bowie simply defends a person who has shown an outstanding athletic level – emphasizes Lewandowski. – But I don’t want to go further. For me, Robert deserved the title of Athlete of the Year as much as Anita. The decision of the fans must be respected – adds Lewandowski.

“Class! Guest”

Lewandowski deserves special recognition and respect, according to Lewandowski. Appreciate Marcin Robert for the gesture he made to him David Tomala. The captain of the Polish soccer team won 280,000 PLN for the Olympic gold medal he won in Tokyo with a walker. Thanks to this, Tomala has money to help children (he founded the “ToMali Zwyciezcy” foundation). Lewandowski decided to return it to him.

– Degree! The man doesn’t have to do it, but he does. He has been helping for a long time and will probably always help – this is how Lewandowski sums up Lewandowski’s gesture.

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