Paul Arcand’s last show on 98.5 FM: “I feel like a member of your family, it touches me”

“I love this job deeply. This is my life. I have the idea of ​​being a member of your family, and it touched me”: with emotion and good company, Paul Arcand ended his career on Friday morning after 34 years as a radio presenter. Program.

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For this latest version Because you have to wake up, the host of Canada’s most listened-to show is not wearing his hat. Instead, Alain Grate presided, introducing a number of speakers invited to pay tribute to the “King of Waves”.

Recorded in front of an audience of around a hundred people who gave him a warm ovation at 10am, the show allowed Paul Arcand to come full circle surrounded by the most important people in his career.

“For the past two weeks, it’s been too much. You’ve drilled into me and shaken me up a little bit,” the 64-year-old admitted in his acceptance speech.

A civic duty

A few minutes after saying goodbye to the microphone in the morning, Paul Arcand was relaxed, but still flown by the wave of love he received.

“I can understand that I am breaking a habit that people have had for a long time, but I never thought that I would have this reaction,” he admitted in an interview. Newspaper. I say that as a joke, but I’m not dead!

“What I will miss is the direct interaction with people, but above all the team spirit. If there is no chemistry, you will not be on radio for so long. This part will be difficult to breastfeed.

Paul Arcand wants to leave his love of current events and Quebec culture as his legacy, promising that he is not retiring and will increase his projects in the coming years.

“French-language content will always have customers,” he said. The duty of Quebecers is to show interest in important subjects. The more you know, the more you are an active citizen, a citizen who plays a role. I think we should never give up.

Tribute rain

During this final broadcast, said Pierre-Yves McSween, economic columnist at 98.5 FM since 2015.

Several celebrity guests, including Céline Dion, Jacques Villeneuve and Mikaël Kingsbury, have sent a message to testify to Paul Arcand’s impact on their lives and the media landscape.

The great Yvonne Deschamps, smiling, wished the illustrious patron peace. “Life would be so boring,” he joked. It is sloppy. There are some good sides, too: you can hang out in bed until 5:30 in the morning!”

A message left by his biggest rival for the morning slot, Patrick Musbourian, sowed joy in the studio on rue De La Gauchetière Ouest.

“Congratulations on this wonderful life,” he praised. Thanks for dropping by, I’m so glad I did. Do you know how long Radio-Canada hosts have been waiting for this day?

For her part, journalist Monique Néron made an impassioned plea for Paul Arcand’s place reserved for women. Because you have to wake up. “You are a monument to our media heritage,” he underlined.

The native of Saint-Hyacinthe, formerly of CKAC, joined 98.5 FM in 2004.

Paul Arcand et al Because you have to wake up will be replaced by tired in the morning, The program, hosted by columnist Patrick Lacasse, begins this fall.

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