June 7, 2023


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Patrick Huard’s daughter Jessie impresses in Live from the Universe

Patrick Huard was the first guest of France Beaudoin in 2023 Live from the universe.

Knowing him as a music lover, we couldn’t wait to know what the show’s team had in store for him, and we weren’t disappointed.

The video is a real rolling fire of amazing musical numbers, especially with Melissa Bedard, Brigitte Boisjoli, Breen LeBoeuf, Michael Rivard, Claude Cobra, Jerome 50 and his ex Linda Lemay.

Her daughter Jessie’s performance in the Ariel Hoop brought tears to her eyes. It was spinning to “The Meteor,” a song she used to sing as a lullaby.

The young woman had apparently built a circus act for the show. When we learn that his main discipline is not the ring, but the flying trapeze, we are all very impressed with his skills. See the photo at the bottom of the article.

Patrick Huard’s son, Nathan, had a surprise for his dad. The latter learned a song especially for him on the piano. However, the latter is not on set. He played his instrument from his room.

The guest also wept heartily as he heard his wife sing “Always Us This Way.” ” I put this song on when I miss her he said to Frances Beaudoin, wiping away her tears. A very touching moment!

Fortunately, there were no tears this evening. His peers LOL: Who will laugh last? Disguised as villagers, he came to sing “YMCA”. He couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Note that Patrick Huard was treated to a surprise he never expected. All the details are here.

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