Patrick Cote in tears: Bell's victory over TVA

The competition was in full swing on the football field for the Superbowl in Las Vegas on Sunday evening and the ratings battle between RDS, Noovo and TVA.

Since RDS and Noovo (Bell) belonged to the same company, Bell managers were counting Big Brother Celebrities The only show that can destroy the Superbowl ratings is TVA's “La Voix.”

Although RDS has exclusive rights to the most-watched bout of the year, all sports combined, a scene at Nuovo went viral midway through the Superbowl, while former UFC fighter Patrick Coote left the show in tears. Eyes out.

Here are the words of Press journalist Hugo Dumas detailing what happened.

Last week, the richest twists in the history of this reality show (Quebec) were difficult for Patrick Mahomes of Nuovo and, coincidentally, Patrick Cotte, a member of all imaginary alliances of Big Brother celebrities. Still installed. (Credit: Magazine)

Like the champion he is, Patrick Cotte, Papa Ours, leaves the game in tears, and slips a cult phrase from Quebec reality TV and imitates Luca from OD dans l'Ouest. Died in battle: “You are like the sun”.

It's strange to see a UFC fighter crying his eyes out on a low-brow show like Celebrity Big Brother.

In the end, this allowed Nuovo to grab the spotlight and steal the ratings from “La Voix,” which was a big loss for the evening.

While Taylor Swift was the center of attention around the world, here in Quebec we were moved by former UFC fighter Patrick Côté who cried on a bad version of a reality TV game.

The Nordics may never return. Sometimes, Quebec was born from nothing.

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