Pasta may not be available in stores.  The sound of the industry is alarming

According to Dąbrowski, the biggest challenge for pasta producers at the moment is the unpredictability of the situation in the market, which is caused by High inflation, no regulation of energy and gas prices for future periods, an increase in the prices of all production components. A nervous atmosphere prevails among producers who plan to produce in short periods, such as a month, and they lose their confidence in the future. With such sharp fluctuations in the prices of basic raw materials, it is very difficult to do businessincluding pasta – refers to the head of the PIM.

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Run out of pasta?

Dąbrowski believes that due to the current geopolitical situation, contracts longer than three months cannot be concluded. – Work is not fortune-telling. Those who are motivated by rationality cannot, on the basis of today’s knowledge, advertise the prices of their products for more than a quarter – she told Portal Spożywczy.

The price increase for all cost components can be quite significant. Pasta producers are once again facing a difficult and unequal process of negotiating new contracts for next season. We believe that in partnership – producers and trade together – we will deal with the problems caused by inflation – emphasizes the head of the PIM.

As Debrowski adds, the Polish Pasta Chamber, together with the Polish Association of Employers of the Grain and Milling Industry, has made an appeal to Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin to start a dialogue on the challenges facing the pasta and milling industries

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