March 27, 2023


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Parties in Wall-Belar: Police arrested the suspect who carried out the attack

Parties in Wall-Belar: Police arrested the suspect who carried out the attack

Although police have arrested a suspect in an attack involving degenerate crowds near Wall-Blair, citizens say parties outside the open have already been repeated for four months.

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This week traders demanded police intervention to remove hundreds of young people a week to a party in the Hydro-Quebec line near the Dukes Glass arena. Up to 1000 people have already occupied the site.

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Police, armed with surveillance video, on Wednesday arrested a suspect involved in a violent attack on a man who was trying to protect his business.

“The 18-year-old was arrested for assault. He was released on bail,” spokesman David Bellettier said.

Witnesses said investigators could identify another young man who was hiding the scythe.

The gym trainer was attacked in front of his campus when he tried to remove a minor who was outside.

“The [le suspect] You can’t contact me or access the building, ”said victim Eric Gillemet.

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Citizens of the area said they were happy with the authorities’ intervention, but the reaction may have been long overdue.

“Parties started in May at Party Montsead. Residents have been complaining all summer. After a very muscular intervention in August, the youth went to the foothills,” said one mother, who did not want to be publicly identified.

In a private group, several neighbors posted photos after the exhibition with debris and debris from the fire.

Cleaning jobs were arranged in short notice.

“I have been told that young women find themselves in uncomfortable positions. No health measures have been observed. I was already young, but these treats are going to change for the worse,” the woman in her fifties concludes.

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