Paper House.  Cast interviews before season 5
  • Well-known actors in the series “House of Paper” tell us about the production scenes and their love for foreign cinema
  • “I made two films with Patrick Vega and I think at least one should be nominated for an Oscar.” Enrique Ars says. “I appreciate Kieślowski cinema” Adds the series Berlin
  • The last episodes of “House of Paper” from December 3 on Netflix
  • You can read more of these conversations on the Onet homepage

A few weeks before the grand finale of the series “House of Paper”, at the invitation of the “Professor”, we went to Paris, where we had the opportunity to talk with members of his gang. Before the release of the last episodes of the Spanish series that has gathered fans around the world, hear what the TV series Berlin, Helsinki and Arturo have to say, among others. About behind the scenes production.

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Pedro Alonso (Berlin): The fans will know the answers to all the questions

The most important thing for me is that for five seasons all the gang members are no longer a group of thieves who plan attacks together, and become a family. Over time, everyone has learned to love each other, which makes joint actions very difficult from an emotional point of view, says Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin. – The series also draws attention to the fact that the world in which we live is “artificial” and it seems to me that many viewers sympathize with it. At times, I was shocked that the world we live in is no different from the world presented in the series – he adds.

Enrique Ars (Arturo), Darko Perek (Helsinki): “The House of Cards” will go down in history

The conversation begins with the role of Arturo Enrique Arce and Helsinki (Darko Peric) with a question about what will happen in the final episodes. – I don’t want to reveal anything, but I’m sure the fans will be satisfied. We did our job, and now the series is for viewers only. I know that the House of Cards will go down in history – as the Arturo series says.

When asked why the series without the participation of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as “House of Paper” or “Squid Game”, they unanimously admitted that they avoid American cinema.

– I made two films with Patrick Vega, and in my opinion, “Small World” should start the Oscar race – says Enrique, adding that none of the American productions is as exciting as Season 5 of the “House of Paper” series . – I haven’t seen American cinema since the ’90s, and I appreciate Kieślowski’s work for this, and the only series I’ve seen with one hit was the German “Dark” – reveals Darko. You can find the full conversation with the representatives in the article above.

You can watch the final episodes of “House of Paper” from December 3 on Netflix.

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