Panic flight of the Russians from the Kherson region.  There are records

The Ukrainian General Staff reported today that Russian forces are preparing to defend themselves near occupied Kherson, where Ukrainian forces are approaching. Ukraine has an advantage over Russia in the south, according to The New York Times In terms of firing range and accuracy of artillery rocket attacks, which Russia largely lacks.

Meanwhile, a video is circulating on the Internet showing the panicked retreat of Russian soldiers from the Kherson region. In the video, made available by TPYXA News, we see the Russians taking their military equipment in a hurry. amid cries of “Come!” , shots and puffs of smoke coming from a distance, they climbed into the armored vehicles and drove off quickly.

At the end of the video, the car suddenly turns into a ditch and overturns. Based on the available picture, it is difficult to judge the cause of the accident. It is also difficult to determine if anyone has suffered from it.

More information below the video:

“In the villages near Kherson, the enemy is carrying out activities to prepare for the defense. About a hundred officers of the National Guard (Rosgard) have arrived from Grozny to the village of Kaunchak” – states the statement of the General Staff. Grozny is the main city in Chechnya, a republic in the Russian North Caucasus, tightly governed by Ramzan Kadyrov.

Describing the situation in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian forces are conducting a counterattack, the staff reported that the Russians had deported prisoners from one of the penal institutions in Kherson. “The enemy is using the factory area to deploy military personnel and equipment,” reads a message posted on Facebook.

East Cherso, in the city of Noa Kakhovka, “Russian intelligence services are actively engaged in wiretapping of local residents.” In the neighboring territory of Zaporizhia, partially under occupation, the troops of the invaders deploy their soldiers in the homes of residents of the village of Wiyka Znameanka.

Source: Twitter, PAP

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