Padlocked pear balloon installations in Pointe-Calumet school park spark outrage among parents

The Mille-Îles School Service Center (CSSMI) in the Laurentians had to back out after dissatisfaction over its decision to padlock pear ball installations in a school park in Pointe-Calumet, TVA Nouvelles has learned.

In recent days, CSSMI blocked access to the balloons at the Perseids School Park following a complaint from a local resident who complained about the noise they made in the evening.

The facilities were therefore locked from 8pm to 6am to “ensure peace and tranquility in the evening”.

“Under no circumstances will students have access to their facilities during class hours and in the evening,” CSSMI pointed out via email.

The solution, which was tested for a few days, angered many parents, who condemned the situation on social networks. A Petition It was launched on Thursday and has collected nearly 400 signatures online.

The Mille-Îles School Service Center decided to reverse its decision in the face of public outrage.

“Considering the feedback received and understanding the impact of playtime restriction on the community, it seems clear to us that this solution is not viable,” explains CSSMI.

So the locks were removed; Pear balloon installations have again become accessible at all times, the company promises.

The latter also admits that “there were challenges in terms of the logistics of this solution.”

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