P lies in a 4K game.  The game is very cool

Lies of P is one of the most interesting items at Gamescom of the year. The title was enthusiastically received by almost all journalists, and the latest material from the production takes us to the next dark corners of the city of Kratt in 4K. The fight looks really promising.

Steampunk Bloodborne mingles with The Order: 1886 in the world of Carl Collodi – these words describe P Lies, the pride of the party in Cologne. Having made the last promo available during the opening Night Live and the aerial part of the game, we can’t doubt that Korean NeoWiz Games will present one of the most interesting elements in 2023.

At an event in Germany, the creators shared a specific gameplay, and the clip in 4K resolution gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this dark and disturbing world. Features title targeting PS5 and XSX | S, PC and Game Pass with absolutely gorgeous graphics, and all the attacks, spells and decorations of individual city items or falling shadows make a bigger impression on the fine material. The design of the opponents is in perfect harmony with the world view.

Thanks to the shots, we can appreciate the project created by Round8 Studio – a city inhabited by many monsters that hide a secret. Sure, Lies of P won’t be a bloody title like the aforementioned Bloodborne, but its unsettling atmosphere that reinforces the sense of danger is undeniable.

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