Over 100,000 people wanted to buy charcoal!  Bought ... 5.8 thousand.

The Polsat Plus group and the Polsat Foundation together for children from Ukraine

Tuesday was the first day Online charcoal sales With PGG on a new basis – from now on the raw materials are available in the online store twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of – as before – every day. The largest local producer ensures that the amount of charcoal available online is not reduced. On the contrary – it will increase whenever possible.

– During yesterday’s session, a record amount of goods was sold to customers – a total of more than 25 thousand. Ringtone, ring. The sales session started at 16 and lasted more than six hours, until the daily stock was exhausted – Polska Grupa Górnicza’s spokesperson, Tomasz Głogowski said on Wednesday.

In his opinion, customers positively accepted the change in the functionality of the online store, whether it was possible to confirm, among other things, positive comments on social media. During Tuesday’s session Record number of transactions made – Coal found (in large quantities) 5.8 thousand. buyers.

Internet viewing is expected to be limited to two afternoon sessions per week Improve the sale of charcoal to homes. “The amount of charcoal sold by the online store does not change. We only changed the number of sessions to two per week, with more charcoal for customers” – reports PGG.

Since the beginning of the year, the company’s online store has served more than 86 thousand. Total customers more than 300 thousand. tons of coal. There are currently 318,000 registered in the online store. users accounts.

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Currently, the entire daily production of heating coal for homes for sale is directed in three distribution channels: through the PGG online store, directly at the mines and through certified coal warehouses in different parts of Poland.

– We are constantly improving store functionality and implementing new solutions. Customer interest is huge – Just yesterday, at the moment of peak, more than 103,000 were trying to buy. Users – said a PGG spokesperson.

The company guarantees that it will constantly sell charcoal online, and is constantly developing the online sales channel to increase its efficiency by up to 100%. Daily production of coal fuel.

PGG It is the largest domestic producer of coal – also heating coal, used, among other things, in by households. From March 11 this year, in addition to bagged pea coal, in the company’s online store, you can also buy bulk coal for heating with its own batch in mines, at a price three times lower than intermediaries. The demand is enormous – greater than the availability of coal. Until now, the website of the online store was often unavailable or charcoal could not be purchased at the moment.


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