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Another great game is coming. Great was already nine years ago, although at the time we weren’t yet aware that The Last of Us would quickly become the most significant and new brand in PlayStation history. Relatively responsible for candy stories, Naughty Dog faced the brutal post-pandemic reality by creating a survival action game with a hint of horror.

Success came so quickly, the title is looking forward to an updated PlayStation 4 release a year later. I’ve rewrote this story about eight times, most recently. On any given day, there’s another opportunity preparing to go back to the beginning of a story about hard choices, emotions, consequences, and even lies. Everything looks great, but the main problem is that The Last of Us: Part I doesn’t give me any excitement at all. And we’re talking about Naughty Dog, even in part.

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Perhaps the first time in a long time, Naughty Dog is executing another project within two years of the previous game. The difference is that The Last of Us: Part II has already saved seven years of waiting. We’ve been focused on the same story with Joel and Ellie for seven years. One game that managed to create a powerful universe and a huge fan base. Countless discussions in Internet forums, interesting material about game creation in the local press (PSX Extreme) and the foreign press, there is still a lot of activity for players in online games (mainly TLoU: Remastered). YouTube is even teeming with viewers trying to encourage viewers to empathize with the story. My favorite here will always be Team Retro Replay, when Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Nolan North all sat together in one sitting.

As for the latter, it is possible that few players the first time guessed that the actor gives the voice of one of the opponents, David. We’ve written about The Last of Us for years, wherever we can, game developers or actors commenting. The situation intensified after the release of a sequel with emotional content and an intense story. Many players quickly fled their memories to that journey for the light at the end of the tunnel. We all know how it turned out, and we’re left with no choice, as director Straley/Duckman duo explained. The Last of Us: Remastered, which hit the market in 2014, is still doing very well. Honestly, Joel’s character model in the upcoming rebuild looks more like the second part than it did the first. Obviously, because the first part is based on exactly the same scheme as the second controversial part. Birds tweets that Naughty Dog has taken over work on the project so far, which should theoretically translate into the best possible outcome. Hence, the developer brags about not having any crunch, but is there anything to brag about?

With this scale and tools ready, not really. For stubbornness, we already got a preview of this initiative in The Last of Us: Part II, through many flashbacks. I’m not revealing anything more to those who haven’t yet begun to narrate the tumultuous sequel. Questions about the correctness of creating exactly the same game appear again with each new information about the project. Just what TLoU: Part One can surprise you, and whether it will ever be possible. The prospect of participating in this rich story is tempting, but not at any cost. I have deleted the PLN 339 version of the standard boxed edition. Fans will pay, otherwise how. Logic dictates that a similar story is still on the market and can be played with ten times less investment. The Last of Us: Remastered is currently at PLN 39.

This is not the same

the last of us

Although there is quite a bit of time until the premiere, I don’t feel this excitement at all. It’s not entirely a technical issue, but rather the same history that has been circulated in the media. I’ve read several theories that The Last of Us: Part I acts more as an interactive pre-show teaser on HBO Max. In my view, the developer and publisher took the easy steps. Promotional materials suggest a polished design. The Last of Us: Part I immediately sold out in its richest edition. The price doesn’t matter when, after nine years, the creators decide to remake the history so adored by millions. And history will be the subject of surprising conclusions, not particularly positive, and not entirely negative. The story of the characters became the driving force of this story in the original version. A tradition of paternity, loss, and a difficult childhood, summed up by the post-pandemic specter of the ancient world, when people had to wear masks under the pressure of law, the system of punishment and consequences. Building on the systemic foundation of Part Two, it feeds into the achievements of the base edition. But nothing more than what we already know. There are voices of critics everywhere, according to which Sony’s decision-making is based solely on greed.

They say they always explore tastes better the first time. Like most things in life. The Last of Us, which I played at its PS3 premiere, still shimmers with some little-known magical elements of exploration excellence in terms of mechanics. I know all the sites by heart, and this does not exclude my desire to visit the same rooms, listen to casual dialogues or absorb the content of the notes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t complain about the implementation of such assumptions, after all, the fashion for remaking is in full swing. We only know the story from the inside out. I love challenging the brutal reality, where literally every brick counts, but as much as you can. This is the third game based on the same model. Is the latter, difficult to judge.

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