Our former squadron sharply around the Polish national team!  Michniewicz's Thunderbolts

venture Damien Perkins With the Polish national team was very short. ex defender Join it before Euro 2012 And the It debuted in white and red in September 2011. Its counter stops at just 14 appearances.

Qatar 2022: Poland – France. Damien Perkez evaluated the “white and red” position

Since the start of the World Cup, it is difficult to find pluses in the Polish national team. The best player today is goalkeeper Wojciech Szczecin, which says it all. Poland scores few goals. Robert Lewandowski And the Peter Zelensky They are players who are not used enough, – admitted Damien Perquez in the gate “Le Figaro”.

The former defender also noted the defensive style of play preferred by our coach – Czeslav Michnievic, calling him Curious boss.

His plan is very defensive. He is a former goalkeeper, maybe this information will help to understand his tactics… But I also saw former goalkeepers who preferred a more attacking style of play, like Philippe Montagnier. It is surprising said our former representative.

Wojciech Gorski: We are all worried after the match against Argentina. video //INTERIA.TV//INTERIA.TV

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