Our employees are already located in Qatar.  The most expensive Polish World Cup in history The Polish national team

Weeks passed when Ceslav Micniewicz, with his staff from the stands, watched dozens to dozens of league matches. However, he has not seen an actor live for nearly half a year. also because of Grzegorz Krychowiak It has taken a rather strange direction. He has been playing on Al Shabab Al Arabiya channel since August. But now it’s time to check the level Leagues Qutb saw a few competitors from the Saudi national team. This is one of our group’s competitors for the 2022 World Cup.

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We are expecting the team that will participate in the World Cup. Who will go to Qatar for sure, and only likely

The staff divide rooms. The most expensive World Cup in history

First, representatives of the technical staff of the Polish national football team went to Doha, the capital of Qatar. This is where, in exactly 49 days, the Poles will play their first World Cup match with Mexico. Coach Czeslaw Michenewicz, analyst Kamil Putrikos, car specialist Karol Bortnik, as well as chef Thomas Linjak visited the Ezdan Hotel for the last time before the World Cup, where representatives of Poland will attend just over a month ago. It was also agreed to arrange and allocate rooms for physiotherapy, biological regeneration and briefing sessions. It’s also a hot time for Leśniak, who usually has a full catalog of local produce and a list of things you still need to order a month before bootcamp. As we’ve heard, most of the staff use the stuff that’s available on site, so they don’t bulk up on the already heavy baggage that they’ll have to take with them right away. world Cup. The necessary things replace them and weigh a lot: small training equipment, clothing and medical protection. So far, I’ve traveled with the crew custom training equipment and all items of gym equipment (even to tournaments in Russia or France). In Qatar, you will have to additionally order these items from local distributors and pay for them at local prices.

The world champion compares Lewandowski to legends: I don’t want to play against him

Apart from the hotel, the staff visited two stadiums where the team will play. Both are close to Ezdan Hotel. stadium 974 is a 15-minute drive from the Polish base, and the location in Rajjan, where we will play against Saudi Arabia, is 20 minutes away. The areas of training, where Chislau Michenewicz was again, are also closer. The lawn was recently replaced. The only problem here is that it is a rather large area, and the pastures are located next to each other. FIFA Of course it will surround the facility, but the Poles want additional curtains. Especially there is a bridge or different types of buildings near the stadiums. It is not worth carrying these fences by plane or shipping them to Qatar. Just like gym items, they must also be ordered on site. Expenses? Hundreds of thousands of zlotys, but the fact that this money has to be spent is an imposed consequence. In any case, as we heard in the Polish Football Association, the World Cup will be the most expensive in the history of the federation.

The Polish national team training ground in Dosha, photo.The Polish national team training ground in Dosha, photo. PZPN

Interviews with Wenger and Beckham

The employees who traveled to Qatar on Sunday did not come here just to finish the last things related to organizing the staff accommodation. The Qatari people invited representatives of all the players of the national team to a seminar on physical preparation and analysis of match data to Doha. There were also notable guests at the conference along with a panel discussion: former Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger, former Argentine Juan Sebastian Veron, former Manchester United or Real Madrid player David Beckham, and 1998 world champion with France Yuri Djorkaev.

The staff will remain in Qatar for a few days. On Thursday, he will be in Saudi Arabia, at the border of the hosting World Cup, where he meets and watches the coach in action Grzegorz Krychowiak.

After the Krasnodar player was loaned to the youth, it is difficult for the team to judge his level with his own eyes. As we’ve heard, for coaches, the league in Saudi Arabia is an enigma. However, this puzzle also needs to be addressed. Krychowiak is an important player for Mishnewitz. After the last training camp, and despite criticism of the defensive midfielder, Mitchnowitz defended him. – Grzegorz Krychowiak is the best Polish player in this position today. This is a specific position, you must have tremendous skills. I also prefer him to play more accurate or faster, but he has been playing that way for years in the national team. And at the moment we have no one to replace him – The coach stated in an interview with “Guest of Events”. on Polsat News.

Lewandowski, Beszek and Dodik (Street of Stars in the National Stadium)Lewandowski, Peszek and Dodik have joined the legends. “I’m proud” [WIDEO]

The coach in the match Krychowiak. Saudi League check

In any case, Krychowiak, who has defensive tasks in the club and in the team, from time to time shines under the goal of his rivals. In the deciding match between Poland and Sweden, he scored an important penalty, after which we scored the first goal. Last weekend for his club in the league He scored two amazing goals from a distance and secured the victory for the team. The staff laughs that the player has prepared himself as best he can for a meeting with Michniewicz. Michniewicz not only wants to meet and talk, but also go to the league match. Al Shabab, the league leaders, will play at home against Al-Raed Buraidah on Thursday. It will be an interesting meeting not only in terms of Krychowiak. Employee analysts will be able to see even a few representatives of Saudi Arabia in action. Anyway, all members of her team play in the domestic league. Interestingly, even the coach of the Arab national team knows very well that Krishowiak, with whom he speaks French. It so happened that Hervé Renard (French of Polish descent) lives near the Polish football player. Krychowiak is also a good bank of information on his teammates who play for the national team. For this in the World Cup, he will also be well prepared for the hot climate.

Michniewicz will stay in Arabia until October 7, then travel directly to Frankfurt. There, on October 9, the 2024 Middle East groups will be decided. Poland, after staying in Division A of the League of Nations It will be put into the first shopping cart.

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