Our Celine has become an enigma

Celine Dion is one of the biggest divas of modern times.

The girl from Charlemagne’s poor family was able to reach the heights of glory with her voice and passion for her work.

Symbolically, one could say that in the eyes of Quebecers it has become as much a natural resource as electricity.

Since the deaths of the two pillars of her life, her husband and brilliant manager René Angelil and her mother Madame Dion, mistress wife and omnipotent mother incarnate, Céline – our Céline – finds herself a forced prisoner. Loneliness

Over the years, she gradually faded from the limelight. She had a troubled time when her photos were published, disturbing her fans.


Then she disappeared from the radar. Until we learn that doctors have diagnosed her with an orphan disease locked in her body that has caused excruciating pain.

Weekend film Love again He agreed to play his own role in it. It has just been demolished Various, the gold standard for reviews. The film grossed only $2.4 million at the North American box office.

Celine Dion, whose performance lasted only twelve minutes, sang five new songs that we had to remaster. Alas, we no longer recognize Celine’s unique voice.

It can be said that the star has lost not only her voice but above all the support of her guardians who might have warned her. René Angel, from where he is now, will die a second time.

Abandoned by those who could have surrounded her to protect her, Celine Dion has no one to help her. One wonders why other divas of her time like Barbra Streisand, Madonna and Lady Gaga were not at the mercy of showbiz. Because they are constantly admired and respected and thus able to keep their diva status intact.

planet star

In 2008-2009 I traveled the world with Celine Dion and her crew. Although I was sensitive to its global fame, I could not have guessed the level of recognition and affection it evoked on the planet.

Hailed not only as a star but also as an essential personality by political leaders and artistic elites in addition to her millions of fans, Celine Dion never stopped recalling her French-speaking origins. He always insisted on singing a song in French that audiences in China, South Korea, Dubai, London, Mexico and elsewhere would sing along to.

In recent years, Celine Dion has become something of an enigma. What does she think, isolated in the Nevada desert? Who can understand her plight and free her from the darkness of the desert?

The granddaughter of Charlemagne of Quebec, who became a rich and famous world icon, does she still remember that she once fought and conquered? Did she forget that she was able to conquer the pride of family, despite being born for a small bread and allowed to shepherd all of Quebec?

Let her know that her present loneliness saddens us, hurts us and worries us.

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