September 25, 2022


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Our best safety tips for industrial businesses

Industrial businesses deal with a lot of dangerous tools, chemicals and compounds. This means, no matter what the focus of the business, there are many safety precautions that they need to take. While some will vary from business to business, the core few precautions will be relevant to all.

Here are some safety tips to help make your place of work safer and minimise risks.

Safety tips

  • Conduct regular safety inspections
  • Talk to employees to identify any unsafe conditions that may have arisen
  • Train every new hire before starting work
  • Provide ongoing training for everyone and refresher courses where possible
  • Only allow trained/authorised personnel to use heavy machinery or handle dangerous chemicals
  • Install appropriate signs around the building and make sure they stay in good condition and are visible for everyone
  • Consider convex mirrors to eliminate blind spots
  • Store chemicals and liquids appropriately in safe areas, preferably locked rooms or special COSHH-compliant cabinets
  • Have emergency plans in place and make sure everyone is aware of safety procedures to adopt in an emergency ( like a fire, for example).

Safety signs and barriers

Some safety signs are a legal requirement but you can go the extra mile and add signs where you believe something may pose a danger or require explanation. Make sure all signs are at a level where they will be seen easily and make sure they don’t get obscured. Emergency and exit signs should be clear and concise throughout the building or industrial zone.

Safety barriers are a great way to protect unauthorised personnel from machinery, chemicals or rooms. This will ensure there are fewer accidents. More flexible, portable safety barriers can be used in cases of spills and to screen off areas that need fixing or maintenance. Make sure to measure the area properly before buying a safety barrier.

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Chemicals and other compounds

Dealing with any kinds of chemicals can be dangerous. Spills can happen no matter how careful everyone is. That is why it is best to be prepared for such scenarios. One thing you can do is to provide spill kits. For different chemicals and liquids there are different spill kits so, depending on what your business handles, you can find something that will fit your requirements.

  • Chemical spill kits are designed especially for containing hazardous chemicals.
  • Oil spill kits are designed to handle spills from oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. Spill kits for use with oils and fuels are ideal for outside use as they absorb only the oils while repelling rain and any other water they come into contact with.
  • Evo spill kits (also known as universal spill kits) are used for non-hazardous substances apart from oil as they can absorb water, coolants, drinks, paint and other liquids. They can also be used for oils when these are not contaminated with water.
  • AdBlue spill kits are perfect to deal with diesel exhaust fluid spills.

If you work with generators and plant machinery you may want to invest in drip trays as well. As the fuels from generators can be harmful to the environment this will be a good investment. With drip trays you have three options you can choose from:

  • Basic tray – made from a tough plastic, basic trays are available in many sizes
  • Plant Nappy – suitable for many different applications, but limited in size and quite expensive
  • Spilltector – a combination of the features of the other two tray types, which makes it more affordable than the Plant Nappy but still significantly more costly than the basic tray.
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First aid kit

Last, but not least, whatever your industrial business does it needs a well-stocked, up to date first aid kit. On this note it is an excellent idea to have more than one staff member trained in first aid so there is a first aider available whenever employees are working.