Orlene.  Wholesale fuel prices continue to rise – Comment by Rafa Mondry and Daniel Kostecki

Wholesale fuel prices in Orlean continue to rise. Additional changes to the price list took effect on Tuesday. “Are these more miracles in Orléans? No. This is the end of the miracles,” economist Rafael Mondry wrote on social media. Daniel Kostecki, chief market analyst at CMC Markets Polska, drew attention to the pre-election statements of the head of Płock, Daniil Obajtek, who stressed that there is no reason to increase fuel prices at stations in the coming weeks.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to find stations where you can refuel for less than PLN 6 per liter,” analysts of the industry portal e-petrol.pl noted in their commentary on Friday. Representatives of the Reflex brokerage office indicated that high wholesale fuel prices contribute to this. Therefore, experts noted that drivers should expect an increase in retail prices, that is, at gas stations.

Wholesale fuel prices are rising

On Tuesday, further increases were introduced in Orlin’s price list. On Tuesday, the price of unleaded gasoline 95 rose by PLN 67 to PLN 4,929 per cubic metre. This is the highest level since September 13 of this year, when the cost per cubic meter reached PLN 4,966. Since the parliamentary elections, the wholesale price of unleaded 95 gasoline has increased by PLN 175.

“Today +7 gross per liter. Although the zloty has clearly strengthened in the last three days, and oil in zloty has recently become cheaper by about 4 percent.” – The famous economist Rafael Mondry in a blog post on the X website (formerly Twitter). Mondry added: “Are these more miracles in Orléans? No. This is the end of the miracles.”

Daniel Kostecki, chief market analyst at CMC Markets Polska, wrote about the acceleration of wholesale price increases. “The sentence of PLN 5 for #Pb95 is approaching… A good acceleration in price increases, and not even 10 days have passed since “Day Zero” (parliamentary elections – editor). Why did the President of the Republic lie to us? “The largest company and the Minister? Do they really think we are stupid?” – asked the analyst.

In recent days, wholesale prices for diesel oil have also risen. Ekodiesel diesel oil cost PLN 4,758 per cubic meter just before the parliamentary elections, and on Tuesday its price rose to PLN 4,904. This means an increase of PLN 146 since the elections. On Tuesday, the price of diesel oil increased by PLN 64.

As in the case of 95 gasoline, this is the highest level since September 13, when the wholesale cost of diesel oil reached PLN 4,929 per cubic meter.

Daniel Obagtic talks about fuel prices

On Friday, October 13, ahead of the parliamentary elections, Orlen President Daniel Obajtic confirmed that there is no reason to increase fuel prices at stations in the coming weeks.

As the company learned, the company’s policy assumes stable prices and secure fuel supplies for wholesale and retail customers. – We are effectively implementing our policy in this area thanks to the fact that we have diversified oil supplies and signed long-term contracts, and thanks to the mergers with Lotos, Energa and PGNiG, we also have greater and much more resistant negotiation opportunities. For market turmoil – said Obajtek in an interview with the Polish News Agency.

– Therefore, taking into account the current market situation – with the exception of fluctuations or unexpected events in the market – there is no reason to increase fuel prices at stations in the coming weeks – added the President of Orlin. He also said that “there should be no significant increases” among other things. On Radio Plus, Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda.

We asked Orleen about the reasons for the recent price list changes. Until the article was published, we had not received any response from the company.

However, last week Płock pointed out posts regarding the increase in wholesale fuel prices on social media. “Wholesale prices for gasoline and diesel oil increased by about PLN 2 per liter. This difference does not translate into retail prices for our customers,” Orlen’s press office wrote.

What affects wholesale fuel prices?

As we read on Orlin’s website, the level of wholesale fuel prices is primarily affected by taxes and duties on fuel, i.e. excise duties, fuel tax and value added tax, as well as reserve duties and the price of crude oil and finished products at the global level. Stock markets, the dollar exchange rate, and local market conditions are shaped by competition.

Brent crude is currently cheaper than it was a month ago by about 2.5%.

Brent crude prices last monthstooq.pl

On Tuesday afternoon, the US dollar was worth around PLN 4.21. This is 14 cents less than a month ago.

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