Orion capsule in trouble?  NASA lost contact

On Wednesday, November 23 at 1:09 a.m. EST, NASA has lost contact with the Orion capsulethat revolves around the moon. Silence on the airwaves lasted for 47 minutes. As you can easily imagine, it was definitely a terrifying time for the staff of the US Space Agency.

The connection problem arose when work on the connection was in progress Orion capsules With the Deep Space Network (a set of antennas). Although NASA reconnected and the problem was resolved, scientists are still at a loss – what was the cause of this failure? A comprehensive analysis of the available data is currently being conducted to help find an answer.

The agency reportedthat the reconfiguration of the systems was successful, but no item or piece of data was found that would give the researchers a clear answer to the situation. Fortunately, regardless Orion is fineAnd the mission is going as intended.

This was not the first such situation. NASA lost contact with Orion Just before that, on Monday, November 21st. The outage lasted 34 minutes at the time, but in this case we are talking about fully controlled circumstances, because such a situation was planned.

It happened due to the passage of the Orion capsule on the far side of the Moon, making the signal between it and NASA’s Mission Control Center Johnson Space Center can not be sent. So Wednesday’s situation was a complete surprise, which thankfully didn’t last long.

However, a short break for connections is nothing when What awaits Orion in the final phase of his mission. NASA prepares for its attempt to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. So an uncrewed mission could pave the way for man to return to the lunar surface—this time not with rovers and remotely controlled devices, but with his physical presence.

If everything went without major hitches, then In 2024 we can expect to repeat this journey within the task Artemis 2 – this time with a human crew on board. more However, the year 2025 may be a breakthrough, When the representatives of humanity can once again stand on the moon – may be among them Polish astronaut!

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