Organic compounds on Mars.  NASA’s Exciting Discovery at Jezero Crater

NASA’s Research Mission Rovering Probe detected minerals in rocks at Jezero Crater on Mars on Thursday (December 16). Analyzes of dust samples from the crater surface showed similar results. This is a remarkable find as it indicates the volcanic origin of the rocks. Until now, scientists believe that the rocks at Jezero Crater were sedimentary in origin. The fact that it was formed by a stream of lava is indicated by the presence of olivine crystals surrounded by pyroxene crystals. They are typical of igneous rocks. “A good student of geology knows that this structure indicates that the rock formed as the crystals grew and incorporated into the slowly cooling magma,” said Ken Farley, a perseverance project scientist at Caltech. So far, Perseverance has collected some of the 37 planned samples. They will be sent to Earth for closer examination. – When these samples are delivered to Earth, they will be a source for scientific analysis and …


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WomenThey are looking for life on Mars and they cannot understand it on Earth!!!

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They are looking for life on Mars and they cannot understand it on Earth!!!

We are the universe in our country

Where are these organic compounds?


Two Martians sitting over coffee and saying to each other: Scientists say this is a utopia, and you really think there might be some life on this Earth?

Scientists claim in their “works” that the universe was formed as a result of a big explosion … but what exploded they no longer know …

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Mrs. Sporek must go to Mars, there is a pure environment – only those bacteria that are there.

Who was photographing the vehicle on Mars?

So where are these organic compounds? in magma? Did “redachtór” sleep in elementary school during chemistry lessons?

How is the Chinese spacecraft on the moon? Is it already in the “refrigerator”?

Well, let’s send our dictator there with his Masai and there will be peace on the Polish lands.

The title is about organic compounds and the text is about igneous rocks. Someone wasn’t paying attention at school? Volcanoes will be present on all rocky planets (Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, most likely), as well as on large moons, such as the venerable Jupiter. So this discovery is not a sensation at all, but – from the point of view of the search for traces of life on Mars – a failure.


6 hours ago

And is there a law introduced by PiSiorów on Mars? Walking with the detector is forbidden on Earth, in Poland, and you can on Mars? After all, PiSdzielcy should shut down this prison rover immediately. Because it goes and goes and looks with this detector. number?


I am disappointed. I thought the following Morawiecki hidden plot, or destroyed recordings from the Szydło accident.

Can’t you send my old woman there?

I do not like the United States. However, institutions such as NASA and European CERN testify that humanity is evolving. There are people who put aside bedsores, legends and other crap. They deal with physics and learn about our surroundings.

To tell you the truth, there are cats on Mars.

Mars, this is what planet Earth will look like in a short time

Well and look at the walk as you walk and find something like gingerbread in chocolate

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