Orban has outdone himself.  He talks about the war with Russia

On Friday evening, Viktor Orbán was a guest on the “Tények” program broadcast by TV2. – We are inches away from direct conflict when soldiers from Western Europe or the United States show up in Ukraine – he said in an interview with the station’s journalist.

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Viktor Orban threatens war with Russia

The Hungarian Prime Minister also stated that Western leaders want war because they see that Russia can now be defeated. Orban believes that they are intent on entering into a direct armed conflict. He insisted that it was psychosis, “one of its sources in Washington and the other in Brussels.”

In an interview with TV2, Orbán also addressed the left, whose assessment of reality is not always correct. He gave the example of 2015 and the issue of immigration, which he claims the left side of the political dispute described as a “false problem.” – When the left says that something should not be taken seriously, it is good to start with fear, as Viktor Orbán said.

“Confrontation with Russia is inevitable”

This is another interview in which the Hungarian Prime Minister talks about the “inevitable confrontation” with the Russian Federation. By helping Ukraine, the West is approaching the point of no return and a confrontation with Russia will be inevitable, the Prime Minister said in an interview on Friday with Public Radio Kossuth.

When NATO actually begins its military mission in Ukraine, Hungarian territory and control of Hungarian military units offered to NATO for participation will transfer from national jurisdiction to the NATO Commander. – said the politician.

For this reason, Budapest is opposed to participating in similar action, wanting to ensure that it does not participate in missions outside NATO territory in talks with the current and future NATO Secretary General.

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