February 9, 2023


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Orange charges a fee for inactivity in the prepaid offer

Orange charges a fee for inactivity in the prepaid offer

Orange will introduce a fee for inactivity in prepaid offers. In order not to pay for it, you will have to call, send a message, use the Internet or buy a paid package at least once a month.

Orange Polska informed Change prepaid price liststhat will come into force April 4, 2022. A new service called Keep the number in the network. What will we get as part of it? Well the orange operator will keep our number in his network. Do you need a special service for this? According to Orange, yes.

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In fact, the orange operator offers a fee (similar to Plus or Play, Violet in OdNowa’s tariff), which somehow makes up for the fact that Someone has a prepaid number in Orange, but is not actively using it.

As we can read in the Orange version, The fee for inactivity for at least 31 days is PLN 5. How is this “service” supposed to work? Price lists must have the following description:

The fee will be charged 31 days after the subscriber’s last paid activity, and is understood as making an outgoing call (minutes / texts / multimedia messages / internet) or purchasing an add-on service or package. Subscribers whose funds in the main account on the day of charging are less than PLN 5, will be charged a fee in the amount of available funds. The fee for maintaining the number in the network Fees will be billed periodically every 31 days From the last paid activity of the subscriber or from the date of the last charge for maintaining the number in the network until the expiration of the account. On The promotion “The account is valid for one year” does not exempt you from having to pay for the maintenance of the number in the network. In the event that the account for outgoing calls expires, the fee will be deducted from the blocked funds.

The above description shows that it is not enough to recharge your Orange account with a prepaid card once every 31 days, so as not to incur additional fees. You still have to spend some of that money.

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You can talk about the fees Orange made for inactivity on your account on our forum, in this subject.

At the end of the message, the orange operator reminds you of the following:

Subscribers who do not accept these changes may resign from Orange services until the changes take effect.


Following your comments, I sent two questions to the Orange Polska press office:

  • Is “SMS Transfer” treated as an activity that is exempt from the submitted fees?
  • Will the use of the data package from the bonus be treated as a condition to refrain from charging PLN 5?

These are the answers I got:

  • Sending SMS conversion is treated as an activity.
  • Acceptance of SMS diversion is not treated as an activity.
  • Internet connection exempts you from the fee of PLN 5. In the above case also.

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Text source: Orange