June 2, 2023


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Onion prices have risen to record levels. Poland can benefit from this. Exports from Poland are growing rapidly

For a time, the offensive slang term for column About envious, jealous or excessively stingy behavior – “onion”. Moreover, this surname is often extrapolated to and around the entire country Poland Onion says. It turns out that already in the coming years Poland may become a very important country in the market onion.

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The effectiveness of lemon slices? The perfect chopped onion?

Poor onion season in Europe

Rising temperatures and less rainfall this summer mean many European countries have a problem with their onion crops. Vegetables It is sown in March or April and harvested in August and September. except a map Europe Is Poland, which, according to Central Bureau of Statisticsshe has a very bountiful harvest of heat-loving vegetables, that is, onions – what describes “Republic”.

The price of onions has increased dramatically in the past year. A year ago, we paid PLN 1.55 per kilogram. Now it is 2.40 – 2.60 PLN per kilogram. The “Rzeczpospolita” describes that these are the highest prices in history. However, at the same time, revenues from onion exports to Poland are growing. In other European countries, crops have been destroyed by drought and in Ukraine The constant war. So they took over the market polishing producers.

The Poles dominate the onion market

The value of exports increased by 62% year on year. to the level of 88.8 million euro, which is about PLN 415 million (and only in the period from January to September 2022). The Poles sold 41 percent. More onions than in previous years. In addition, in the second quarter of 2022, it increased by 35 percent. Complete Polish export of fresh vegetables. PKO analysts confirm that these statistics are strongly supported by onions – describes the “Rzeczpospolita”.

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More information of the world and country can be found at The home page of the Gazeta.pl portal.

Growth has contributed greatly to these good statistics export Onions for Ukraine. According to GUS data, this country was responsible for almost the entire increase in the volume of exports of Polish onions from March to July 2022. At the same time, Ukraine was the third recipient of Polish onions. Purchased up to 50,000 tons, only 17 million euro.

In the top three, it is second only to the Netherlands, which bought 44,000 tons for 28 million euros and Great Britain, which bought 30,000. tons 18 million euros. In addition, Poland exports onions to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy or czech.