Onet: Failure at Nowe Jaworzno Power Plant.  The new carbon block does not work

lowest shame In one of the largest companies in Poland Power plant It happened on Saturday – says onet. As we read, the cause of this event is damage to the slag remover. Newly built coal block does not produce energy.

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Is the Polish power plant at risk of failure due to poor quality coal? There is a dispute

Torun supplies coal for power plants that can’t be burned? “The common stones between the coal blocks can be seen.”

on Friday onet She reported that Ravaco, which was building the coal-fired unit and is now helping to operate it, has warned the government of a potential failure. According to the company, coal Introduction of Torun For power plants is not suitable for combustion.

The portal also had access to photo documentation of what was captured from the emergency systems on the belts transporting raw materials to the power plant’s 910 MW unit. new Jaorzno. “Between the blocks” coal You can see plain stones, lots of steel bars, nails, gravel, and even bits of rubber tires.”

coalDid Polish power plants run out of coal? There is an official announcement

Torun responds to Rafako’s allegations. “Commercial blackmail, manipulated images”

Torun assured that the coal delivered to the block was of adequate quality. “Coal in the mines undergoes a cleaning process, however, due to the very large amounts of coal flow, it cannot be ruled out that a small amount of pollutants will enter the coal supplied to the power plant,” Torun explained in a press release Friday. The company also published pictures showing the charcoal – to prove that it is of good quality.

The Torun Group asserted, in its opinion, that “Rafako is again using business blackmail, and the material – including the photos – published by Rafako has been manipulated.” Torun’s official position on this issue has been removed.

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Coal imported from Colombia is suitable for fuel? The expert explains

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