One of the best workplaces in the world has just opened in Krakow.  Specialists required!

Concentrix opens its software solutions center in Kraków. Concentrix Software Solutions will focus on leveraging technologies that belong to the future. If you want it to be yours too, check out who Concentrix is ​​looking for.

It has been placed in the list of the 25 best places to work in the world by Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine. Fourteen awards in the 2022 Comparative Awards survey, including the categories “Best Place for Career Development,” “Best Place to Work for Women,” and “Most Satisfied Employees.” More than 130 Fortune Global 500 clients. Operating in 40 countries on 6 continents.

Here’s a quick look at Concentrix Software Solutions

This already sounds like a description of a good place to send your resume. But it’s not over yet. If you are an IT professional, you certainly value growth potential and unlimited development opportunities. It’s hard to find one bigger than in the case of a company that specializes in and uses the latest technology in customer experience support, i.e. Customer Experience (CX).

“Latest technology,” of course, is a frequently used motto, which can really mean anything. But just in case concentrics Software Solutions We are really talking about solutions that belong to the future. That is, about those who are already raising their voice and will be even louder. And about those who will soon change our daily life.

What are these technologies?

Artificial intelligence is a great example, but it’s a very broad one. It is worth noting the technologies embedded in artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, face recognition technologies (FRT) and natural language processing (NLP), as well as cloud and big data solutions.

Specialists will surely be familiar with the technologies Concentrix works with on a daily basis. This includes cloud computing, .NET, JAVA, HTML5, Node.js, ETL or SQL/NoSQL and many more.
Concentrix also manages projects using the metaverse and OpenAI. This is a true innovation of the future – and a reality in which virtual reality glasses can become as essential as a smartphone is today. These kinds of solutions will change everything from online gaming to the way we buy clothes and form relationships in the cloud. This relates to areas such as augmented reality, blockchain or NFT.

Krakow is to become the center of industry of the future

If you really feel like applying for a job, great. Concentrix opens its software solutions center in Kraków. This is the third branch of the brand in Poland, but the former capital of Poland will become a unique place. A research and development center will be built here, where future technologies focused on customer experience innovations will be developed. They will be used by the most well-known and most successful clients, including the largest brands in the world. They work in industries such as consumer electronics, banking and financial services, and automobiles.

The Software Solution Center will focus on building solutions using currently ‘hot’ technologies, such as artificial intelligence or facial recognition technologies.

The Software Solutions Center in Kraków will become the European capital of technology

In a few years, Concentrix plans to dynamically develop the branch in Kraków and turn it into a truly important place on the European innovation map. And for this to happen, you need qualified personnel who specialize in various fields. Engineers, analysts, people who deal with data science, programmers, full-stack developers, front-end and back-end developers, specialists associated with the Agile area – these are just some of those who will find themselves right in the center.

Who is Concentrics looking for?

Below are some specific positions that professionals interested in working in research and development in Kraków can apply for. Let’s start with a cloud engineer — someone who is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining cloud computing systems. In contrast, a data scientist is a specialist who knows how to use data to extract valuable insights and knowledge from it. All this so that a particular organization can make a better and more informed decision in a particular area.

Software engineers are also needed to design, develop, and implement machine learning models and algorithms. In contrast, ML Ops professionals focus on improving the implementation, management, and monitoring of machine learning models in production environments. The company is also looking for Data Engineers (design, build, and maintain data systems, including warehouses, pipelines, and integration solutions) or DevOps Engineers (responsible for integrating, implementing, and automating software systems, with a focus on ensuring reliability and scalability). There will be a lot of work for people who specialize in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. All this will be supervised by managers with Agile experience (Scrum Master, Product Owner – they are looking for you too).

Artistic attitudes aren’t everything

The Center in Kraków is also open for applications from for example product/program or portfolio managers, as well as UX specialists, i.e. user experience. Concentrix has a primary focus on development – developing both team member and team development, without losing sight of work-life balance. This means that R&D in Krakow has really interesting prospects. If you want to be part of creating innovations that will benefit the whole world – check out what Concentrix has to offer you. You can certainly count on flexible forms of work (in-office, hybrid, remote) as well as collaboration in the B2B model.

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