On the first day of the final hearing, Meng Wancho’s defense presents its arguments

Defendant’s lawyer Mona Duckett’s deportation record prepared by the United States contains significant misconceptions and omissions that betray the trust of good faith based on the deportation process.

She also argued that there were Americans Selected Among the things they disclosed to Canada was the request to deport Ms Mengai.

This argument forms the first part of these final hearings, which will last at least two and a half weeks, at which point Judge Colombia’s Supreme Court Judge Heather Holmes will rule on the deportation or release of Meng Wancho.

However, the attorney general and the defendant may appeal each of these decisions, which could extend the process by several years, warns attorney Richard Curland, who has followed the case from the beginning.

In practical terms, this is not the end, even though the court ordered Ms Meng to be extradited. The appeal process is still 6 to 7 years, He explains.

The telecommunications company is still awaiting a favorable verdict.

We understand that this trial may take a long time, but we want a favorable verdict in the fall that will allow Ms Meng to return to China.Hawaii Canada Vice President of Corporate Affairs Aligon Welsh said outside the court.

Canada Between wood and bark

At the request of the United States, the arrest of the CEO of Hawaii in December 2018 angered Beijing and cooled relations between Canada and China.

Two Canadians, Michael Saver and Michael Gowrick, were arrested and imprisoned by Chinese authorities, including Ottawa and several of its allies. Consider it an act of revenge.

Guy Saint-Jack, the former Canadian ambassador to China from 2012 to 2016, believes the friction between Beijing and Ottawa could continue if the test continues for several years, and the fate of both Michael will be in balance.

Canada lies between wood and bark. Americans do not want to make concessions, so, again, we must be psychologically prepared for many years of difficult relations with China., He argues.

Accused of fraud by US justice

During a meeting in Hong Kong in 2013, Meng Wanshou was accused of lying to HSBC Bank about contacts between Hawaii and its Skycom subsidiaries doing business in Iran.

The Chinese businessman has been accused of misleading HSBC and Tehran into continuing to do business with Hawaii, despite sanctions imposed by Washington, through fraudulent statements to a financial institution executive.

Meng Wanzhou and the Chinese company deny the allegations.

The hearings will allow British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Heather Holmes to ask Ms Meng’s lawyers one last time that their client is being unfairly charged.

A document filed in court in April claims that US justice is trying to deport her based on incredible or misleading evidence.

Security says Ms Meng never wanted to Cheat She did not hide the nature of the relationship between HSBC, Huawei and Skycom, and said there was no evidence that the bank was at risk of losing money as a result of her presentation.

No cheating. No loss. There is not even a credible theory of risk, Write Meng Wancho’s lawyers.

Not a criminal investigation

The attorney general’s attorneys, for their part, should not change the extradition case, which, if deported, will take place in the United States.

As with the initial trial, neither the guilty nor the innocent are at risk in extradition court., They wrote.

Evidence submitted by another state requesting the extradition of a person Considered reliable, Adds the crown.

Evidence suggests that Ms Meng forced HSBC to pursue banking relations with Huawei by publishing false statements about the nature of the Skycom and Huawei relationship. […] Knowing that this relationship puts HSBC at risk for its economic interests.

Two part investigations

The defense alleges that Ms Meng was the victim of several irregularities in the process of justifying her release.

Of these, the businessman’s attorneys argue that there were a number of errors and misrepresentations in the U.S. extradition claim. What is the serious abuse of the process This can lead to the suspension of the handover process.

The first part of the investigation focused on this aspect of the case.

Meng Wanshou accuses Canadian rights and freedoms of being violated He was arrested at Vancouver Airport, She was interrogated for three hours by border service officers before she was formally arrested.

In addition, his lawyers allege that the case violates international law and that the cases are flawed from the outset. Through political interventions.

All of this will be considered by Judge Heather Holmes in Part II of the trial, which begins this week or next week, and will focus on imprisoning Meng Wancho for deporting him to the United States.

This is the final justice step of the process, which also has a political dimension.

If the judge recommends that Ms Meng be imprisoned, the Union Minister of Justice should order her deportation to the United States.

If the evidence provided by the Crown, even at first glance, does not justify a trial south of the border or if the judge decides that Meng Wancho was subjected to gross abuse of the process, he will be acquitted.

The daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecommunications company Ren Zhengfei has been living on probation since she was arrested at a house in the highlands of Vancouver.

With information from the Canadian Press

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