June 7, 2023


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Omicron in Japan.  Residents support stricter border controls

Omicron in Japan. Residents support stricter border controls

As this survey shows Support for the Kishida government rose from 56 percent. A month ago to 62 percent now.

89 proc. Participants made a positive assessment of the new border restrictions imposed by the government.

In Japan, they are valid today One of the strictest restrictions When crossing borders in the world, it is valid as of November 29. A day later, the first case of Omikron infection was detected in Japan. He was caught in a Namibian diplomat who arrived in Japan on November 28.

The Japanese border has been practically closed for one month to all people coming from abroad, with a few exceptions.

The ban also applies to booking airline tickets for flights to the country. This alarmed the Japanese who go on holiday and New Year’s trips abroad. The problem has not yet been resolved.

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