Olympic Games |  Celine Dion at the opening ceremony?

(Montreal) French sports and Olympic sports minister Celine Dion “hopes with all her heart” that she will attend the Paris opening in a month’s time.

He was interviewed on the show on Wednesday Telematin In France 2, Minister Amelie Aude-Castera did not rule out the presence of the Quebec singer at the July 26 ceremony. But “there is one boss, and that’s Thomas Jolly, the artistic director of the festivals,” he clarified.

The Quebec singer’s health is certainly there too.

Celine Dion recently attended the premiere of the documentary Me: Celine Dion In this we find a singer battling difficult person syndrome. Diagnosed years later, the rare disease affected his vocal abilities.

Questioned during the documentary’s premiere in New York on June 17, the singer was surprised when Quebec journalists asked him to confirm the rumor that brought him to Paris for the opening ceremony.

“There, you’ve come this far, it’s my first time in heels, and you’ve been to Paris? “Maybe we’ll wait a little longer,” she said, “that’s great, you take me to Paris and then I have nightmares.”

The French minister responsible for the Paris Olympics admitted that Celine Dion’s presence at the opening ceremony on Wednesday was “within the realm of possibility”.

“I tell you: I love it with all my heart. It’s a hypothesis. »

The inauguration was to take place along the Seine. Great secrecy surrounds the details of this ceremony, which is watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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