January 29, 2023


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Oliwka Brazil showed her old photos on Tik Toku.  I've changed a lot?  (Pictures)

Oliwka Brazil showed her old photos on Tik Toku. I’ve changed a lot? (Pictures)

Every year, the Polish rap market is flooded with dozens of rap albums, released by both big labels and those released “underground”. Usually, despite the great fecundity of creators, representatives of this genre are not able to break into the first media league. Lately, this art has been a hit Few teenage artists.

One of these “revelations” is undoubtedly Brazilian olives. The 19-year-old girl from the outskirts of Warsaw became famous for the songs “Big Mommy”, “Kokieterka” or “Stonerki”, created in collaboration with Young Lewisic. The hallmarks of the teen scandal are her curly hair, bold text and bold image.

“Polska Cardi B”, as he was christened by the local media, in record time had more than 211,000 followers on Instagram and 112,000 likes on TikTok. On Monday, Oliwka posted a recording on the second platform, where you can see What did she look like before her big success. It is undeniable that Smolasti’s stepson has undergone a massive transformation: in photos from the past, “liberated” Brazil presents itself Much less “mature” than it is today. The rapper, by contrast, has included her current photos in the video, which are attracted by her luscious lips, strong makeup, and purple hair.

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