Oliwia Bieniuk watched a movie about Anna Przybylska: "My mother is in it as I remember"

rumors about Film about Anna Przybylska It has been circulating in the local media for years. Finally in February of this year The family of the deceased artist confirmed this That the production about her fate will soon appear on the screens. Pudelek was then able to establish that he would be responsible for implementing the document about Przybylska Polish TV And the whole creative process takes place in cooperation with the actress’s family.

At the end of July, we finally got to know more production details. Oliwia and Jarosław Bieniuk Posted on social media The official poster of the movie “Ania”, Incidentally disclose the cast members of the document. It turns out that in addition to the actress’s mother, husband and children, we will see, among other things, Anna Deriszowska, Katarzyna Bogakevich, Cesary Bazura, Andrei Piaseczny and Jan Englert.

All information about the movie Anna Przybylska It received wide coverage in the media and aroused great emotions among its audience. Work on the document has already been completed, and the final effect will be announced on the day of the premiere, which is scheduled for October 7. It turns out, however, That the closest actresses had the opportunity to watch the production.

Wednesday Jaroslav Binyuk He posted on Instagram a photo of a cinema screen where you can see Anna Przybylska’s face. As the former soccer player revealed, The day before seeing his close family for the first time, Which was a very emotional experience for everyone.

90 minutes, many feelings, memories, life … Yesterday with the whole family we watched the movie “Ania” for the first time. An amazing set of feelings… – Bieniuk Books.

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Przybylska’s daughter was also present at the show, Oliwia Bieniuk. The star, like her father, shared the shots from the cinema with the observers and briefly told about her impressions after watching the production. Olivia did not hide She was exceptionally affected by the film. as guaranteed She is pleased with the way her mother appears.

You recently asked me if I had seen the movie “Ania”. We managed to see him in the family circle yesterday. Huge emotions, I experienced it a lot, but it was worth it. My mom is in it as I remember Olivia admitted.

Let us remind you that at the beginning of February Jarosław Bieniuk officially confirmed the production of the film about Anna Przybylska by posting a short production teaser on the web. The football player then admitted that the actress’s family is only now ready to make a film about her fate.

For me and my family, it will be the most important movie, but it will probably be the hardest movie of my life… Thanks (…) for 6 years of patience. I think we’re just ready for it today… – wrote a few months ago.

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43 minutes ago

Life can be very skewed. Oh man, she had it all… 😔

I feel sorry for her both for my mother’s death and for the fact that she cannot live this absence in peace. It reminds me of Kokolska who cut her mother’s death coupons all her life. On the other hand, it’s great that someone’s memory is so vivid. But on the other hand, unfortunately, it leads to such associations

very sad. I did not know personally, and Anya is missing somewhere. I once watched her fight the paparazzi, they wouldn’t let her go, even when she was sick. I wish my family strength, and watching such a movie is not easy. Although the years have passed, he misses a lot, even more and more from year to year

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As my parents died

I don’t understand the phenomenon of this family… rest in peace Anka 😉

Who was Przybylska to make films about? It is a pity for a woman, but she is not an outstanding figure.

Shame on the family or, if they are going to ask for this, agree to a movie for the money because there is no money, the memories and thoughts about the child and the thoughts are borne in the heart and not in the show

A movie about Krzysztof Kolberger or Andrzej Łapicki or the one who really is about Mrs. Kalina Jędrusik. But a movie about a lady who is known far from a stretcher and shows her breasts in the march of nikosia dyzma (intentionally in small letters and without quotation marks).

Sad and disgusting in the context of what they’re doing

From Anya and the kids, every defamatory comment towards Anna will not be left without consequences for the misogyny who doesn’t have wonderful mothers.

I have the impression that Lewandowska pretends to be Przybylska, pretends to be a girl from the neighbourhood, and there would be no one equal to Ania Przybylska, because she was purebred

If her daughter was like her, she would have already made a career with talent or not, but people would love her anyway and since she is not the same as her, she has bad luck.

How much can you earn from a dead person, unless you don’t have talent and don’t want to work, maybe you can do it all your life.

Olly, when you brush those eyebrows…

Sorry that Anna died.

For them, the movie is definitely important, touching, and a lot of feelings and memories.

Who played Anya? I don’t want to read…

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