Oliver Stone in Quebec: "I'm not Putin's friend"

American filmmaker Oliver Stone says he is not close to Vladimir Putin and that the documentary he made about the 2017 Russian president was not satisfactory.

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Asked about his relations with Putin and the controversies that arose during his visit to Quebec, during an interview with delegates Registration And on TVA Wednesday, Stone defended his image, in an annoying tone Conversations with Mr. PutinBased on a 50-hour interview with the Russian president.

“This is a good interview. You can learn things if you look at it instead of an ignoramus who hates Russia,” he said before saying, “Don’t talk about it.” Subject because he is in the capital to promote his latest documentary. JFK Reviewed by: By Looking Glass.

However, his invitation to speak publicly with former journalist Jean-François Lépine at the Theatre Lee Diamond this evening by the Quebec City Film Festival was specifically aimed at discussing his life.

“I repeat, he replied that there is no point in discussing it if you do not see the film. There are those who do not see him and say I am his friend. I am not his friend. I am not his friend. I was neutral.

To those who were troubled by his presence in Quebec, “Let them argue with me, and let them come tonight.”

Oliver Stone Interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2019.


Oliver Stone Interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2019.

In publications posted on Facebook since the start of the war in Ukraine, the filmmaker Platoon, born July 4th And jfk The Russian invasion in particular was a response to the anti-Russian machinations of the US and Ukrainian governments.

FCVQ protects itself

Earlier today, the General Manager backed FCVQ’s decision to invite the polar filmmaker to Quebec.

“The purpose of this event is to express our opinion about the best encounters with an international artist. When we go to play in these leagues, we often encounter some controversy, but the important thing for us is to welcome an artist with a unique life,” said Martin Genoese.

Ask Mr. Oliver Stone all the questions. Martin Genoese promises that LeBron will be free. “He will ask the right people,” he promises.

“We are not in glorifying someone, but in exchange and the public can ask their questions,” Martin Genoese reiterates.

FCVQ’s boss does not believe Oliver Stone’s arrival will tarnish the festival’s reputation.

“We believe in the openness and ingenuity of the people. They will judge the final result, which will be an excellent intellectual interview with unsatisfactory questions. I hope that’s what we remember. ”

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