March 22, 2023


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Olga Frieze is on vacation with two young children.  Didn't you go there alone?

Olga Frieze is on vacation with two young children. Didn’t you go there alone?

Olga Fries She is an actress who has recently devoted herself more to motherhood than to work. No wonder her second daughter Zosia was born less than two months ago. A celebrity often talks about parenting topics on her social media.

And she never hid the fact of that She takes care of the children herself. Her decision was conscious.

After all, the actress found support in a Muay Thai coach – Grzegorz Sobieszek. The fruit of their union is 3 year old Helinka. The couple separated shortly after the birth of the child. The father of Olga’s second child is a blogger – Łukasz NowakAnd However, Frycz did not disclose this information for a long time.

The actress decided to escape from Warsaw duties for a while and went to the sun Tenerife with young children. The celebrity anticipated the observers’ questions if she wasn’t afraid of a long journey with the month and wrote on Instagram:

As for her eldest daughter, Olga had no fears. The girl can take care of herself, she has already flown by plane more than once. It appeared under the holiday photo Many words of support from fans, which praises the young mother for her courageous decision to leave. Someone asked czy Frycz travels alone or has some company. The answer is very surprising:

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Does this indicate that Olga will not need independence and will find support in a partner?

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