Office trains.  I would love to work like this on the road!

Wagons with special places for learning – such trains have already left for Chinese tracks.

You can talk and talk about the state of the Polish railways. Those who have had adventures with PKP probably don’t laugh at their thought – and although there are more and more modern solutions, you can still find ghosts from the past. I won’t mention the quality of service, because I may not use the rail often, but every time I manage to get to my destination on schedule – I’m honestly amazed. However, given the solutions that have appeared in China – you can be jealous. I think many … perhaps not as many students as business travelers and commuters – would be happy to use such buggies.

Car training with a comfortable place to work and study. Such things already in China

The first trains with special cars are already running between Chongqing and Xiushan Province and on the Chengdu-Kunming line. It’s not as if every carriage has been converted to provide passengers with comfortable seating – but many carriages do have such tricks up their sleeve. These places are for students who are commuting to school – so they can make that time for study and homework. How it looks in practice can be seen in the pictures below:

A very nice way to develop space and … a nod to the passengers. Although you can see with the naked eye that this is done at the expense of taking more passengers, because work tables arranged in this way are slightly less efficient in terms of the number of people who will use a given space. But since the Chinese airlines decided to take such a step, they probably knew exactly what they were signing up for and could afford it…

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