Obozda holds a gun and pretends to have a gun.  Go fishing or make a new movie?

From parting out loud Joanna Obozda And the Antik Krolikowski Some time has passed and the former partners are trying to re-arrange their lives. The actress is slowly returning to work. Recently, the premiere of Lech Majewski’s new film “The Magnificent Brigitte Bardot” took place. The star played the main role there and played the title icon of French cinema. On this occasion, she appeared in Galilee Production premiere.

However, Opozda devoted most of her time to her beloved son, Vincent. Some time ago, I shared a photo on Instagram where The boy’s face was clearer than usual. Netizens noticed it immediately The child is very similar to his mother!

Despite Joanna Obozda’s complaints about her lack of free time, it looks like the star has finally found a moment for herself. Recently, he appears more and more at industry events, and also has time to go to the club and spend fun moments outdoors in the company of friends.

It is also possible that the artist is already dating again because She has been seen several times alongside controversial rapper Malik Montana. Everything, of course, is reported in detail on social media.

In the latest report on InstaStories, we see the actress in an unusual design. The artist became famous for her tender beauty on joint recordings He stands in a red handkerchief, with a menacing face and a provocative expression. Where did this idea come from?

The answer comes in the joint picture afterwards. Joanna Obozda poses with … a gun that looks like a paintball marker. At first glance, he looks like a ‘First Love’ star. She decided to spend her free time on casual shootingIn the company of his acquaintances and friends from the film industry.

In the video posted on Instagram, we also see other famous faces. They are tagged in the video Rafael Zawirocha, Mateusz Panasiuk and Patrick Szuchtenberg. And after going to the profile of the latter, we learn the purpose of the whole disguise …

It turns out that actors do not spend their time on carefree fun, Just working on the next movie! How will Joanna Obozda prove herself in action cinema? I have to admit that even khaki suits her face. Fans of the star are sure to anxiously rub their hands.

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