Obagtic explains how the 13/12 Alliance will destroy Orlin!

In order to end Russian oil, not take Russian gas, build gas power plants, develop the energy sector, build facilities that the Germans don’t like, wind farms in the Baltic Sea, and dare to build a port in Swinojce and not use other German ports. “That’s why they hate me, that’s why they want to put me in prison for 25 years,” Daniel Obajtek, former president of Orlin, told Telewizja wPoland.

Editor Aleksandra Jakubowska asked her interviewer if he expected to be discharged from the hospital.

I didn’t expect that, and anyway, do I want to lay off these people? I generally accepted it normally, but then everything turned upside down. If you hear that the dumping issue is about lower fuel prices for Poles, how does this relate to Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s announcement that the price of fuel will be £5.19. However, we were not given, among other things: a dump that fuel prices are low in Orlen and the Poles can buy fuel at a favorable price

– said Daniel Obajtic.

Issue 2: How can the Orlin Board of Directors not be granted a discharge – when the Board of Directors is effectively adjudicating the profits?

– added.

At that time, in 2023, Orlin’s board of directors made record profits. It exceeded PLN 20 billion and the ratings of global companies were raised twice: Moody’s and Fitch. International companies that evaluated companies around the world evaluated Orlin’s activities and position in our part of Europe very favorably. We protected the Poles from Russian gas supplies. We no longer have Russian gas and Russian oil in general. Furthermore, we bought deposits in Norway

– confirmed the interviewer Telewizja wPolska.

Today, this administration allows supposed oil to flow from Kazakhstan via the Druzhba pipeline to the Szwed refinery, and this is Russian oil, which is certainly cheaper than the oil we process. TVN and the mainstream media have no problem with that. And today, for the people who fought for the interests of Poland, who created a multi-energy company known all over the world, we also bought stations in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, entered Hungary and Austria, and everywhere our stations carry the brand, they are of an excellent level, they are not awarded unloading? This is a political scandal

– said the former president of Orlin.

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Merger with Lotus

Favara ran President Aurelín Letova from 2010 to 2018. Wasn’t he relieved of duty? Those were the years when the Lithuanian company was in a bad situation, and the Polish side was very committed to selling it to the Russians. And this guy is giving interviews today, saying the company didn’t meet the standards. What are the standards?

– asked Daniel Obajtik.

The criterion is the profit earned, and the criterion is the billions for the state budget, international ratings and investments. There were attempts to undermine everything, for example the merger with Lotus. There was talk of kickbacks and an “international scandal.”

– pointed out.

Where do we stand on this alleged “scandal” today when it comes to Orlin’s merger with Lotus? We don’t have this scandal because it didn’t exist. This is nothing more than political impudence targeting people who want to do something for the country

– said the interlocutor Alexandra Jakubowska.

Now there will be one standard in Poland: we will be presidents, but we will not make any decisions

– confirmed Daniel Obajtic.

Today, this Board of Directors dares to recommend not granting discharge to people in whose time gas was cheaper and fuel was cheaper?

– asked the former head of PKN Orlen.

How will the December 13 Alliance destroy the national hero?

This is Orlin’s deconstruction. What these people want to do is something that threatens the state. First of all: they want to sell part of Orlin’s assets. What’s more, they also want to spin off PGNiG’s company, Polskie Sieci Gazowe, so that it can be independent, and they want to “liberalize” the Polish market, i.e. introduce false competition. They want to throw the stock of strategic reserves into space. German companies, which will receive gas from Nord Stream 1 and 2 soon, will trade gas on the Polish market.

– confirmed Daniel Obajtic.

The Polish company will be weakened because this market will be completely free, and the operators, which will be completely independent, will distribute German gas, not PGNiG gas. This is a kind of model for the distribution of national champions

– pointed out.

President Vivara says Orlin is “the Schiphol family.” I haven’t gotten into a debate yet, but Mr. President, if you say “chaebol”, look at Europe and look at the Italian, Norwegian and Spanish companies that we have to compete with. If you were to break up and break up this company, how would you compete with these concerns? This is unfortunate

– Confirm.

But nothing happened to the Poles. Keep smiling, keep smiling Poland, pay more for fuel, pay 40%. More for gas and energy

– Guest Telewizja wPolska said sarcastically.

Szczerba came to the European Parliament to go after Obajtek. “Smiling Poland will pay for this.”

The host noted that MP Witold Zimbachinski recently threatened Daniil Obajtek with 25 years in prison. Jakubowska added that she wondered why.

For what purpose? In order to end Russian oil, not take Russian gas, build gas power plants, develop the energy sector, build facilities that the Germans do not like, wind farms in the Baltic Sea, dare to build a port in Swinojce and not use other German ports

– confirmed the TV guest in Poland.

That’s why they hate me and want to put me in prison for 25 years

– added.

Mr. Shcherba, a leading “expert” in European law, says he will file an application to deprive me of my immunity. I don’t know this formula and I would really like to ask the Deputy to learn a little. If this is Mr. Shcherba’s mission in the European Parliament with the Green Deal, ETS2, to destroy and drain Poles and the whole of Europe, then bravo, bravo, bravo.

– pointed out.

Mr. Shcherba has come to the European Parliament to go after Obajtek, and you Poles, smiling Poland, will pay for it.

– He finished.

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