Not only PLN 100 for a set-top box, but also PLN 250 for a TV for DVB-T2 / HEVC system [ZASADY, HARMONOGRAM]

On Tuesday, March 15, the Cabinet approved an amendment to the law to support families incurred Costs Related to changing the digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard. In Poland, as well as in other countries European Union، The method of digital terrestrial television broadcasting will change from the current DVB-T / MPEG-4 system to DVB-T2 / HEVC.

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DVB-T2 is approaching. What does the new TV standard mean for us and who will it be replaced by a TV? [TOPtech]

How much will the co-financing be for the purchase of a set-top box and a TV?

Every family that needs support to adapt to a change of standard will receive it. Our proposal is not a social benefit, but a fair compensation for the loss of use of the purchased equipment. We want to compensate those who wish to continue receiving free digital terrestrial television, Minister for Digitalization Janusz Czycinski said, citing the ministry’s announcement.

The amendment comes in response to “voices of experts who indicated that the funding of the television set is insufficient.” Therefore, the government will create two types of financing – PLN 250 for televisions and PLN 100 for digital receivers. Project approved Urgently It will be dealt with at the next meeting who sim.

CHARLIE-CRP and BRAVO emergency steps extended

DVB-T2 / HEVC. Co-financing for the purchase of a set-top box and TV – rules

As we read on the government website:

  • Co-financing will be available Upon request one person in the family;
  • Apply to get benefits It will be possible to apply electronically – Use the platform as well via Poczta Polska SA This will also allow people with limited access to digital services to get the benefit;
  • In response to the request, the right holder receives special code to the email address provided or in hard copy form (if the application was submitted by mail);
  • The code can be redeemed in stationary stores, online stores and through online sales platforms;
  • The program will run until the end of 2022.

Anonymous (illustration)Anonymous attacked the FSB website of Russia. Tango down and “b**** poutine!”

DVB-T2 / HEVC Standard – When has it changed? program

Research by the National Media Institute shows that 1.8 million families in Poland are not prepared to receive terrestrial digital television. When will the new signal be introduced? The table is as follows:

  • March 28 – counties: Dolnośląskie, Lubuskie and Opolskie,
  • April 25 – counties: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Zachodniopomorskie,
  • May 23 – voivodships: Małopolskie, ódzkie, Podkarpackie, Śląskie, Świętokrzyskie,
  • June 27 The counties: Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Mazowieckie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie.
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