Not 10 dead, but dozens of bullets.  Deserter Emil Vol.  And a tour of the Russian media

“I know about ten cases,” he said in a previous interview about the killing of migrants allegedly committed by the Polish services on the eastern border of the fugitives from the Polish army. Now another conversation with Emil Cz is available on the web. On YouTube channel “Priekrasnaja Rossija Bu-Bu-Bu”, a man says he himself shot dozens of people – The portal gives in the article titled “I am a genocide.” Deserter Emil Vol. Begins touring the Russian media.

“The interviewer makes sure of the interviewee whether it’s single shots or mass executions, a ‘fascist shooting’.Like in the movies they show how the Germans shoot people. This was somewhat what it looked like ‘- answers Emil Chicos, while looking at the floor.

Portal reports.

Plus, in the conversation, he was supposed to appear Retired Russian Colonel Viktor LitkovinWhich supports the Polish novel and calls it true fascism and treachery.

“The Poles not only acted like this because they are heartless and criminals, and killed defenseless people, but they tried to convince them that it was the crime of Belarus,” he added.

Easy to visualize advertising

As points out, the channel on which the conversation with the Polish dissident was broadcast was funded by the state-owned company Russia Today.

Behind the luminous figure hides sharp attacks on opponents of the Kremlin. For example, Alexei Navalny is always called a “criminal” on the show, and his sympathizers are a “sect”.

– says the gate.

The message of the channel itself should be aimed at a younger audience.


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