Norway.  The Russian was flying a drone.  He was arrested

As stated in a press release issued by Tromsø Police, The Russian had a large amount of photographic equipment with him, including drones and memory cards. According to the explanations, the man entered Norway via the border crossing in Storskog on Thursday and headed to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

The suspect confessed to flying a drone in Norway. We will continue to interview him and review the photos. In the confiscated materials, we found photos from the Kirkens airport and the Bell military helicopter. Special services involved in this matter – confirmed Jacob Berg From Tromsø Police Department.

court And he was arrested on Russian Saturday for two weeksAlthough the plaintiff requested for four weeks.

On Friday, the court decided to arrest a 50-year-old man with two Russian and one Israeli passports for two weeks, who was being held at the border crossing in Storskog. The man tried to leave Norway with two drones too Extensive photo materials. Some movies are encrypted.

A spokesperson for the PST Special Services reported to the Norwegian public radio station NRK Trond Hogobakken Except for the arrested Russians ‘hu Many other drone accidentswhich are under examination.

Introduce penalties Russians are prohibited from taking pictures with drones in the territory of Norway. According to industry portal Flydrone, there are seven Russians in the official registry of drone operators maintained by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority, including one who gave an address that could prove to be present. Russian Embassy in Oslo.

Norwegian authorities raised the security alert after reports of unidentified drones flying over oil and gas fields. after vLeaks from Nord Stream pipelines, most likely due to sabotageNorwegian Armed Forces Increased patrols in the Norwegian Sea and North SeaWhere is the energy infrastructure.

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