April 1, 2023


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Norway: Marcin Gniczko is stuck in Svalbard. “He is fit and well.”

The Polish traveler Marcin Gniczko planned to climb the highest peak of the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard – Mount Newton (1713 meters above sea level).

He posted about his progress on Facebook.

A tycoon is imprisoned in Svalbard. “I have never seen such conditions in my life.”

On Friday morning, due to bad weather, Genichko asked for help.

“A blizzard prevents further activities in Svalbard. Winds blowing at 144 km/h, snowfall and a temperature of minus 36 degrees for two days prevent Marcin from leaving the tent. Unfortunately, the sled may have been completely buried, thus Marcin lost his fuel and food supplies (which He had enough money with him for 1.5 days), and the tent structure, Marcin’s only shelter, was also unable to support it, only part of it still standing.

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As it was emphasized then, “Marcin is alive, he has used radio buoys, he is aware of his position and is waiting for help.”

A difficult rescue operation has begun. “Rescuers are the strongest rescue team, experienced and aware of all the risks. They are prepared for the fact that they will have to wait with Marcin right away. Such conditions are prevalent in the moment I have not seen how alive,” Marcin said in a phone conversation.

Genichko sent sexy messages. “For now, I’m staying. It’s a race against time to save lives. There’s a storm on the glacier,” he said.

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Rescue operation in Svalbard. Genieczko was taken to the hospital.

On Friday before midnight, the rescue operation was reported to have been halted. – Rescue teams had to turn back, descending from the Rabot glacier. The person waiting for help has been informed of the situation – confirmed Eva Therese Jensen, spokeswoman for the governor of Svalbard.

Operations resumed on Saturday morning. “Marcin survived the night, according to the information given by the satellite phone, the weather was improving, the wind was low and he could already see the mountains. Rescuers will try to reach Marcin in this favorable weather window. Battery delivered.”

Before 7:00 am Polish time, information about the rescuers’ success was provided. “From the information received by the relatives, Marcin has just been evacuated and flown in by helicopter. He is safe and well under the care of specialists. He was taken to the hospital for a detailed examination. More information soon,” – it was written.

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