Northern lights over Poland.  Check when you can watch the aurora borealis.  It will also be visible in the province.  Silesia?

The northern lights are best seen over Poland in the evening. Don’t go to bed tonight. Get out and look at the sky! why? The northern lights should be visible over Poland. All thanks to the strong forecast of a magnetic storm during the night, thanks to which the sky over Poland will resemble those at the North Pole. When and how do you look for the aurora borealis?

It was one of the most special nights in Poland in recent years. On the night of October 30-31, the northern lights will be visible in the sky.

This phenomenon, very unusual for Polish conditions, is possible due to a strong magnetic storm expected at night, which was caused by the mass ejection from the sun generated a few days ago. At the moment, a large number of high-energy particles are rushing towards the Earth, which, once colliding with gas atoms, will create the aurora borealis in the sky.

On Saturday, the northern lights appeared in the Lublin sky. I see …

The large number of particles and the enormous strength of the magnetic storm will make this phenomenon visible in Poland. It is best seen in the north of the country. And although everything indicates that auroras will appear in the sky, their presence cannot be 100% certain due to Poland’s latitude.

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