Northern lights in Poland?  A solar storm will hit the Earth

of accounts NASA It follows that the impact of a solar storm on Earth may occur from Tuesday, July 19 to Wednesday 21 July. In some areas, aurora will also be visible – will it also be in Poland?

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Solar eclipse over Chile. Spectacular view

A solar storm will hit Earth. May interfere with signals

As The Independent reported, the solar storm originated in Results The release of magnetic energy and plasma from the Sun, which occurred on July 15. Then the massive structure of the magnetic field, called the bulge, separated the sun.

The sheer size of the fame is impressive. “It was amazing to see the moving part of this explosion so fast,” said Dr. Sebastian Voltmer.independent“The solar storm received weaker and lower Class G1, issued by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

According to the rationale, these phenomena can have a negative effect on the work of communication satellites. Therefore, there is a certain possibility that this phenomenon will affect the operation of radio systems and GPS.

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Northern lights over Poland. It was visible in Masuria, Kujawy and Mazovia

Northern lights – will they be visible in Poland?

Karol Wójcicki, author of the blog “With His Head in the Stars” believes that Tuesday, July 19 in northern Poland will be favorable conditions for observing the possibility of aurora borealis. “We currently have very good conditions for observing the northern lights over Poland. Will these conditions last until 23:30 – 00:00, when it gets dark enough? There is a chance – the passage of CME through our area is very slow! Thighs. Be vigil in the evening “- Wójcicki Books.

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