North Korea’s failed attempt. Missile debris could have fallen on the capital.

North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile.which flew about 600 kilometers, and the second ballistic missile which flew about 120 kilometers – both from an area near the west coast.

As Reuters confirms. The flight path means the second missile may have landed near the capital, Pyongyang. South Korea said it has been monitoring North Korea’s launch of the missile since the preparation stage and tracking the missile during flight.

The rest of the article is below the video

As we read, The South Korean military can respond to any provocation. As part of a strong joint defensive posture.

The second missile launch on Monday will be the second failed attempt in five days. The South Korean military said North Korea fired something on Wednesday.It looked like a hypersonic missile, but it got out of control and exploded.

Let us remember that North Korea is suspected of supplying Russia with ballistic missiles and artillery shells. Both countries deny this, despite promises of military cooperation and a recently signed agreement that includes promises of mutual military support.

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