No one will forgive you for horror

Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in Russian during one of his New Year’s speeches. The President of Ukraine addressed the words to the Russians.

Your leader wants to show that he has an army behind him, that he is in the lead. But in fact, he’s just hiding. He hides behind the army, behind the missiles, behind the walls of his residences and palaces. He hides behind your back and destroys your country and your future. No one will forgive you for horror. No one in the world will forgive you for that. Ukraine will not forgive – Zelensky declared, citing on Sunday.

The war in Ukraine. Explosions in Kyiv

At least 10 explosions were recorded in the center of Kyiv last Saturday. An anti-aircraft alert has been declared in the city. According to reports from residents of the Ukrainian capital, the missiles hit, among other things, a hotel.

Just a few days ago, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that nearly nine million people in Ukraine are without electricity. Electricity was restored in many homes for Christmas, but Russian attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure are a regular occurrence. Recently, the leader of Ukraine held a private meeting with officials, during which the current energy situation in the country was discussed.

In his recent statements, Zelensky referred to the situation at the front, especially in Bakhmut, Krymina and other regions of Donbass. As he emphasized, maximum strength and focus were needed there now.

Let us recall that the fiercest fighting is currently taking place in the vicinity of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region On all fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war. While the situation remains stable in most divisions, the Russian offensive into the strategically important Bakhmut region has been going on for almost several months now. Currently, the city is almost completely destroyed.

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