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For the generation of his contemporaries, Janusic remained forever. For the younger one, the lead was Władysław Słoik from Maciej’s lesicki sitcom”13 police station“For other fans, it was Polish Marlon Brando, an actor who was cast under conditions of mafia roles. But behind Marek Perebicka’s strong stature, there was great sensitivity and a peaceful heart. Somehow, they stood in the way of his career. Because despite his talent Great, the actor never did it. He did not crush his elbows in the world of cinema, did not ask for roles, did not know how to fight for himself. Also sensitivity made women crazy about him. Marek Perepicka, but he remained faithful all his life to one – his beloved wife Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko, the words he foretold in a recent interview.

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Marek Perebicko. First roles and love of life

Marek Perebecko was born on April 3, 1942 in Warsaw. Looking at photos of an adult actor, it is hard to believe that he was ill as a boy – like many children born during the war. Marek constantly received whips from his stronger and more constructive teammates who mocked his innate shyness. Fortunately, the boy’s father stepped in and encouraged him to build his strength through physical activity. So Marek began attending classes at the rowing club. Thanks to them, he not only became more compact, but also discovered that sports give him great pleasure. He became hooked and began to try almost everything – from judo to bodybuilding and basketball. But in the new muscular body there was still a sensitive young man. He plans to study at the School of Architecture. The Polish teacher, however, met in talent Marker. She encouraged him to try his hand at the acting department. At the teacher’s instigation, young Perepeczko took an exam at the Warsaw State Drama School and was accepted.

Marek Perebicko graduated in 1965. A year ago, he appeared in the short film “Ciemnogród”. However, the role was so small that the aspiring actor was not included in the credits. After graduation, Perepeczko got a role in the series “Stawka is larger than life”. small again. But the appearance in the film “Then There Will Be Silence”, where Perepeczko performed well in tandem with Daniel Olbrychski and Andrew Łapicki, observed. The role of “Wolf’s Echoes” brought the actor fame, but the most significant performance at the beginning of his career was his participation in “Pan Wołodyjowski”, where Marek Perebecko played Adam Noyajsky.

In the early years of his career, Marek Perebicka was supported by his wife. He met actor Agnieszka Fitkau while he was still a student. They bumped into each other by chance, in line at the Dean’s office. And they fell in love with each other at first sight. Soon they got married, and none of their friends had any doubt that the couple had great affection.

As they walked along the New World, there was no man who would not look back for them. They were very beautiful – recalls one of the couple’s friends.

Janusik’s curse

Soon the audience liked Marek Perepeczka. But although viewers would like to see the actor more often on television or in cinemas, interesting roles were not offered. According to some, the problem lies in the correct posture of a muscular actor, which in no way fits the canon of slim and slender film heroes. And Marek Perepicko was never the type to impose himself on someone. So he accepted what he was offered – participation in the series “Kolumbowie” or in the films “Mountains at Twilight” and “Birchwood”. Regardless of whether the role was just an episode or was of greater significance to the plot, Marek Perebechko always did his best. His talent was finally noticed. In 1972, director Jerzy Bassendorfer hired 30-year-old Marek Perebeczka for the title role in the series “Janosik”. The actor did not expect in his wildest dreams at the time that participation in the production would give him such amazing popularity. And at the same time it will become his curse.

Janusik is a profound young man to me. It wasn’t a big deal, after all. Oh, this is a fairy tale – said Marek Perepeczko in interviews.

“The fairy tale”, the release of which began in 1973, won the hearts of the Poles like a long and wide country. Women fell in love with the handsome leader of the roadmen, and the men secretly dreamed of being like him. During the broadcast hours of the following episodes, entire families gathered in front of the television sets. But when the last episode, the thirteenth of the series, was broadcast, Marek Perebecko realized that the role, thanks to which all Poland knew, had rated him and became an obstacle in his further career. After “Janosik”, the directors saw in Perepeczka only a hard muscle, and had no idea how to use an actor with such an appearance in films. The theater was much nicer. Marek Perebecko held the position of director of the Comedy Theater in Warsaw in the years 1970-1977. But in the 80s, the actor decided to visit his wife, who was then staying in Australia. What was supposed to be a short visit lasting several months turned into many years of emigration.

I stayed four years, four years is a lot – he admitted in one of the interviews.

Residency in Australia did not turn out to be a dream come true. Without a complete knowledge of the language, Marek Perepicko could not count on the acting career of Antipodes. So he devoted himself to managing a theater in Bologna, Australia, but, as the actor admitted in one of the interviews, the job was not the height of his dreams. “I felt weird and uncomfortable there,” said Marek Perepicko sadly. “I’ve become an old art boy.”

Police chief and mafia gang

Disappointed with Australia, Marek Perebechko returned to his homeland. Longing ate his beloved wife, and soon gained a lot of weight. The phones with the proposed roles were silent, but another option appeared, which the actor enthusiastically received – the position of theater director in Shestokhova. At about the same time, Maciej lesicki offered Perepeczka the role of the leader of the gang in the movie “Sarah” with Bogoslav Linda and Agnieszka Włodarczyk in the main roles. Then he threw it into a series he was making. The director saw a great actor in the role of Pershing in love with his bulldog, the captain of a misfortune-ridden station without any sense of humor. The sitcom, based on American productions of the genre, was primarily aimed at younger audiences, but there was also a wink at older audiences. In the office of the Władysław commander there is a poster from the “Janosik” series.

Marek Perebicko Kabiv photo

He lived “13 outposts” in two seasons. The audience liked him, but the critics did not leave a trace on him. The mocking formula may not be fully understood. However, Marek Perepicko found reason to be happy – he was finally able to part with the Janusik sign. For the younger generation, it was mainly Władysław Słoik from the “13th Police Station”. In subsequent years, Marek Perebecko was also called the “Polish Marlon Brando”. Of course, due to material conditions, but also because of the roles of mafia bosses in the films “Sarah” and “Doppler”. However, these roles and productions were not appreciated by film critics.

underestimated talent

She did not like the participation of Marek Perebicka in the low-flying productions of the Czestochowa Theater. As a result, in 2003 the actor was dismissed from his post. He tested it a lot, especially since the role proposals were again like medicine. Food has again turned into a cure for sorrows and anxieties. When Agnieszka Fitkau returned to Poland, she found her husband overweight by 40 kg. The corpse had a devastating effect on the actor’s health. But instead of seeking medical advice, he ran more and more in isolation. Apart from his wife, who lives permanently in Warsaw, in the last years of his life, Marek Perebecko kept in touch only with a small group of friends.

When the curtain fell and the applause resounded, he got into his small car and returned to an empty apartment in Chistochova, where he was judged alone. This unit was his choice, as Marek Robach recalls from his friend in “Courier Lubelski”.

In November 2005, Marek Perebecko escorted his wife to the “M jak miłość” fan rally in ód. Before going to bed, they exchanged a few more words with each other during the phone conversation.

He said he was sleepy and would call me tomorrow. I don’t know why, but I woke up at 4 in the morning and couldn’t sleep. I waited until seven and called Marek. The phone did not answer – called Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko sad day.

On the night of November 16-17, 2005, Marek Perebicko died of a heart attack. He predicted his death in the last interview given to “Gala” magazine a week ago. Then he said:

This extra weight will kill me one day. It is a great happiness that no one cries for me.

He was wrong – many cried.

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